We Are "Different"! XCMG "Peacock Blue" Blooms in Africa!

We Are "Different"! XCMG "Peacock Blue" Blooms in Africa!

Release date:2019-02-19 11:27:57

Peacock Blue, with the peacock's inherent nobility, elegance, gorgeousness, and delicate beautifulness, emits a unique brightness and purity. Just like being fascinated by the charm a peacock shows when it spreads its tail, people's love for peacock blue is also increasing. Not long ago, at an airport in West Africa, a "steel machinery legion" from China showed. These magnificent and powerful “equipment” worn "peacock blue" armor and gracefully showed the unique charm of "the pillar of a great power" under the scorching sunshine of Africa.

XCMG stamps on this batch of grand equipment indicate that they are top-quality equipment from XCMG, China. As the world's sixth largest construction machinery company and the first largest Chinese construction machinery company, XCMG has long been known to the world and bright “XCMG Golden" has always been its symbolic face. So why did this batch of equipment become "peacock blue"?

Why did “XCMG Golden" turn into "Peacock Blue"?

This batch of equipment is specially customized according to local customers' requirements. It is understood that except red fire fighting vehicles, other pieces of equipment, such as XCMG truck-mounted cranes, motor sweepers, and aerial platform vehicles, are all customized peacock blue according to customers' requirements.

We are "different"!

In fact, XCMG can meet richer "Private Customization" requirements. Supported by a powerful information system, XCMG’s intellectualized flexible production line can meet customers’ multi-varieties, small-amount, and personalized customization needs.

At the end of January this year, the launching ceremony of XCMG excavators exported in batches was held. XCMG's customized green excavators were successfully transported to the economic corridor project in eastern Thailand to assist in Thailand's economic construction.

XCMG excavators were exported to Thailand in batches.

XCMG’s complete equipment worked in a Thailand construction site.

If the color change is only a minor adjustment, XCMG’s high-quality products customized according to different regions and environments reflected XCMG’s spirit of “keep improving” and constant pursuit of quality standard - "Advanced Technology and Long Duration".

In April 2018, XCMG specially provided a customized product solution for BHP Billiton, one of the largest mining group companies in the world, to meet its highest requirements on operational performance, safety in use, and attendance of mining equipment in the industry. XCMG's designers upgraded GR3505 mine graders in accordance with technical standards of BHP Billiton mining equipment and Australian standards. Performance and service life of GR3505 mine graders have been improved in an all-round way, reaching the international leading level. Customized XCMG products performed outstandingly in extremely harsh working conditions with minerals hard as knives in temperature of 50 °C in Australia.

XCMG GR3505 mine grader in BHP Billiton iron mine