XCMG Has Set a Role Model in Jiangsu’s Supply-Side Structural Reform ----An Exclusive Interview With CNR.CN

XCMG Has Set a Role Model in Jiangsu’s Supply-Side Structural Reform ----An Exclusive Interview With CNR.CN

Release date:2019-07-30 08:55:11

Jiangsu, a well-known manufacturing powerhouse in China, is pushing ahead with a supply-side structural reform to facilitate the transformation and upgrading of its manufacturing industry and reshape itself into a full-fledged industry cluster.



On May 6 at the wind-power farm in Baixiang, Hebei, the world’s most powerful all-terrain crane easily hoisted a vane wheel of 141 meters in diameter and 90 tons in weight into the air and fitted it securely with the aerial motor cabin within just 40 minutes, setting a world record for wheeled crane lifting operations. This crane is made by XCMG in Jiangsu.


Mr. Chen Xiangdong, Deputy Director of XCMG Heavy Machinery R&D Center said: Lightweight technology is the key to maximizing crane jib’s vertical reach while minimizing its self-weight. We figured out a new design virtually every two weeks, and then, performed non-stop calculations literally all day along to validate these new designs. We tried and erred repeatedly, but never gave up. After numerous efforts, we succeeded in getting it done.



At the Eastern Artificial Archipelago, every isle is an elevated multi-layered platform made of 60 huge steel cylinders, which were lifted to a height of up to 50 meters in the air and then fixed at their right positions by XCMG’s cranes.


More than 300 XCMG road machinery are leveling up an construction site for Daxing Airport in Southern Beijing.


The list of world records XCMG has made doesn’t end there. For example, XCMG rotary drilling rig has played a critical role in various headline-grabbing major projects, and topped the annual global sales with 1,500 units, way far ahead of its rivals.



A “bulky build” is, by no means, lack of high intelligence as conventional wisdom might suggest. Nowadays, riding on the tailwind of a rapid growth of the 5th generation wireless technologies, XCMG has made aggressive foray into intelligent manufacturing. Just as Mr. Wang Min, XCMG Chairman, put it, XCMG has already drawn its ambitious intelligent manufacturing blueprint and built its layout. Now, it has its own intelligent production lines, and is increasingly engaging with its global customers


Mr. Wang Min said: we have been doing research on operator-less technology for complete set of mining equipment. Now, the point is how to do it faster and better. With the advent of 5G technology, now, we have our own clear-cut vision and road map to this regard, and also have our own strong task force dedicated to doing it. As you know, everyone is doing it, but only the best performing-players will lead the way and make the rules in this field.



Nowadays, Jiangsu is pushing ahead with a supply-side structural reform to promote transformation and upgrading of its manufacturing industry, with a view to culturing 13 advanced manufacturing industrial clusters, including construction equipment sector.