A Sharp weapon! XCMG Loaders Hold Top Position in Central Asian Region

A Sharp weapon! XCMG Loaders Hold Top Position in Central Asian Region

Release date:2019-07-30 09:11:22

  Loading machinery is one of the “sharp weapon” for XCMG to expand overseas markets. For 30 years, XCMG has been sitting tight in the top export position in the industry. With its excellent products and perfect service system, XCMG has won favor and praise in the global market.


Overview of the Central Asia


In June 2019, Wang Qingzhu, Vice President of XCMG and General Manager of XCMG Earth Moving Machinery led a team to visit the key markets in the Central Asia. The aim is to survey regional market demand, intensify the service consciousness, consolidate XCMG loader advantage, expand the market territory in multiple dimensions, and consolidate the first brand advantage.



Qi Jun, Chairman of China Construction Machinery Association, Visits XCMG’s Booth at Construction & Technologies (CTT)


“We will launch tailored high-quality products. In the meanwhile, we will continue to innovate service model, marketing model and solution capability, and guarantee to win the trust of customers with comprehensive strength.”  Vice President Wang pointed out when attending Construction & Technologies (CCT) on the business layout of the Central Asia.


According to local conditions, large-tonnage has a huge market.


Central Asia is rich in mineral resources, the mining industry is prosperous, and the market capacity of large-tonnage loaders is huge. “XCMG’s large-tonnage loaders are developed early, have a complete range of products, and have mature technologies, which fully satisfy the construction needs of our mining area.” Comment from a customer in a mining area in Komarovo, Russia.


Visit to a Mining Area in Komarovo, Russia


For a long time, XCMG has made a lot of efforts in the research and development and manufacture of large-tonnage loaders. The product technology and process are mature. XCMG has persistently polished and upgraded, winning the recognition and support of customers.


XCMG Loader Russian Service Team and XCMG DL560 Wheel Bulldozer


“We are very satisfied with XCMG’s products and services. The customers have great trust in XCMG brand. Thank you for coming all the way and for offering such excellent equipment.” When visiting Russian dealer Company K, the General Manager, Mr. Ivan, delivered a heartfelt speech during the talks.


In-Depth Communication with the Executives of Company K


After several years of cooperation, Company K and XCMG have a high degree of consistency in their product and service concepts and are familiar with the local market. Their sales performance has increased year after year and their market share has also increased.


Enhance Service Experience


After leaving Russia and arriving at Uzbekistan, during the global forklift “shovel hero” competition, Mr. Babu and Mr. Mi, head of local distributor, warmly introduced the local market situation, customer groups and problems encountered, and showed great interest in the newly upgraded Uzbekistan tailored “UZ” series products.


XCMG Global Forklift “Shovel Hero” Championship Uzbekistan Station


XCMG Earthmoving Machinery “10 Thousand and 100 Million Global Service of Million Miles Promotion 2019” Started in Uzbekistan


To bring more value to the customers, XCMG Loader has made great efforts in product differentiation, and has introduced better performance and more reliable tailored models for the target market and local working conditions. In addition to Uzbekistan, the tailored “RU” series will be introduced for the Russia market, and the tailored “KZ” series will be also introduced for Kazakhstan market. These tailored products will improve adaptability, overall load capacity and stability under the premise of 90% common spare parts.


Visit a Spare Parts Warehouse


There are not only tailored products, but also sufficient investment in the aftermarket so as to cultivate local reputation and increase sales. As a key of XCMG’s strategy, XCMG loaders put great highlight on spare parts. Sufficient and complete spare parts reserve will bring better experience to the customers.


Visit a Spare Parts Warehouse


Market multi-Dimensional Development, Machinery for Special Purposes take root in the Central Asia


XCMG’s development in the special machinery sector may be described as the earliest start, the highest starting point and the fastest development in China, and the export pace is also in the forefront of the industry. During this visit, special attention was paid to all kinds of special machinery markets in the Central Asian market. As there are many kinds of special machinery, the scope of application is wide, and the degree of the market development in the Central Asian countries differs.


Tailored XC740RU Skid Steer Loader in Russian Market


“XCMG Loader will continue to focus on the machinery for special purposes such as skid steer loaders, backhoe loaders, telescopic forklifts and other special machinery products in different regional markets.


XCMG WZ30-25 Backhoe Loader at the Construction of Uzbekistan’s Largest Playground


Participating in Construction & Technologies (CTT) Russia (CTT) and Mining Machinery Exhibition; visiting more than 10 dealers for face-to-face talks; experiencing the customer’s Construction Site and understanding the equipment operation; attending the Uzbekistan “shovel heroes” tournament ...... These are just another starting point for XCMG earthmoving machinery to go into central Asia.