XCMG’s Three Novel Excavators Gain considerable fame in India

XCMG’s Three Novel Excavators Gain considerable fame in India

Release date:2019-07-30 09:17:27

The Ganges River water is interwoven into a network with dense stars. The ancient and modern styles merge in India. As one of the fastest-growing countries throughout the world, India’s economic growth rate is remarkable. XCMG, a leading Chinese construction machinery manufacturer, is also attacking the land.



On July 4, XCMG’s Press Conference on new excavators was held in Chennai, India’s fourth largest city. At the Conference, the new products XE80C, XE140I and XE215C are thoroughly arrayed. V.G.Sathki Kumar, General Manager of SCHWING India, Gao Ming, Assistant to General Manager of XCMG Excavator Machinery, Zhang Liqun, Assistant to General Manager, Ma Zhongyi, Asia Pacific Market Director of XCMG Import & Export Co., Ltd., and more than 500 people from India, including suppliers, dealers, representatives of the financial institutions and users, were present.




In his speech, V.G.Sathki Kumar, General Manager of SCHWING India, pointed out: “excavators are an important part of the construction machinery and one of the most popular equipment in India. The full cooperation between India’s SCHWING and XCMG Excavator Machinery will not only provide the high-quality products for fast-growing India, but also contribute to the social development of India.”



Forge Ahead with Determination XCMG “Fist” Aggressively Seeks Overseas Markets


In recent years, China’s construction machinery industry has made many breakthroughs in overseas expansion and its global industrial position has been persistently upgraded.


So far, XCMG products have been exported to 183 countries and regions, winning high trust from customers around the world. In the densely populated and rapidly developing Indian market, XCMG is still making great strides. In 2018, the total sales of XCMG products in India increased by more than 130% year on year. As a new fist forged by XCMG, XCMG Excavator Machinery also launched a strong impact in this market.



Gao Ming, Assistant to General Manager of XCMG Excavator Machinery pointed out in his speech: “insisting on the international development is an important strategy of XCMG Excavator Machinery. Today, XCMG Excavator tailored models developed for India market are released ceremoniously, which will definitely bring brand-new value experience to Indian users. In future, we will also continue to provide the ‘technology-advanced and durable products and ‘wholeheartedly and worry-free’ services.”



Focus on the Market Create the “Most Practical” Excavators


The world’s second most populous country, the large-scale infrastructure construction, and strong government reform measures......A series of the social conditions foreshadow the explosive growth of the construction machinery market in India


The engineering team of XCMG Excavator Machinery conducted in-depth market field research to comprehensively analyze the local construction environment and working conditions such as high temperature and heat, heavy load, long working time, etc. “suit the remedy to the case”, a series of technical bottlenecks has been broken one by one, and XCMG XE80C, XE215C, XE140I excavators that fully adapt to the local working conditions came into being.




The upgraded XE80C and XE215C excavators for the Indian market are characterized with energy conservation, high efficiency, reliability and durability. XE80C excavator adopts a wide energy-saving environment-friendly engine, a new load-sensitive hydraulic system, and an E/P/B smart control system originally developed by XCMG for more accurate control and efficient operation. On the premise of fully ensuring the reliability, XE215C excavator pays attention to power matching to ensure higher operating efficiency and fuel economy. In the meanwhile, the structure of boom and stick is optimized to prolong the service life.



At the Press Conference, the newly designed I-series excavator XE140I for the Indian market also attracted numerous eyeballs. The Product adopts the India Tata-Cummins power system, matching with the high reliability hydraulic system. The radiator adopts the new high-efficiency AL fins and adopts the integral brazing technique, which has strong heat dissipation performance and may satisfy the operating requirements of 50°C ultra-high temperature environment. Equipped with a new generation of the main valve, the impact is small and the pressure loss is low. It adopts the design of the short bucket rod and large bucket capacity, and is equipped with the functions of boom regeneration and digging speed increase, thus achieving higher working efficiency.



Facing XE80C, XE215C and XE140I with the excellent quality and strong performance, Mr. Srinivasan, a customer from India, pointed out excitedly: “XE215C is really a fantastic machine that matches Indian market! (XE215C is a very good machine, very suitable for the Indian market!)”



In the future, these novel excavators, “which are tailored for” the Indian market, will contribute to India’s infrastructure construction and social development.