Schwing Stetter Launches New XCMG Hydraulic Excavator, Wheel Loader Range

Schwing Stetter Launches New XCMG Hydraulic Excavator, Wheel Loader Range

Release date:2022-09-23 14:28:21


Schwing Stetter India, a leading concreting and construction equipment manufacturer, has launched its new range of equipment - XCMG hydraulic excavator and wheel loader.


 There has been a consistent demand for hydraulic excavators and wheel loaders in India, owing to a general increase in projects. Understanding the requirement for the machines, XCMG, the 3rd largest construction machinery company in the world, has brought out four machines with unique specialties, according to a statement.

The machines have undergone several extensive trials to meet the industry requirements for smartproducts. The new range of hydraulic excavators include XE215i-K LC – 25T hydraulic excavator and XE140i-K HD – 14T hydraulic excavator.


The first one comes equipped with 9 rollers and also has a longer track for the best grip. Schwing Stetter is one of the few players in the market to offer 9 rollers in this segment.


New-gen machine

The second one - HEX XE140i-K HD is a new generation 14T machine specially made for quarry usage. It is heavier and faster than the previous generation 14T machine.


The new wheeler loaders include ZL33FV – 3.3T and ZL55GV – 5.5T.  The ZL33FV is a modern age 3.3T BS4 wheel loader. This is a powerful machine with a heavier payload than the previous generation 3T wheel loader.


The ZL55GV is the latest CEV Stage 4-wheel loader. This is far bigger in size. It has a powerful performance with enhanced Payload capacity. This is also specially made for quarry and mining applications.


The company is actively building strategies to build a market presence as it gears up for increased business opportunities that the current quarry space holds. With the new launch, Schwing Stetter India plans to increase its share of the XCMG hydraulic excavator and wheel loader market in India and extend its reach to markets in India, it added.