XCMG Official TZ3S Computer-aided three-boom hydraulic pilot drill jambo
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Transport Dimension(L*W*H): 17240×2926×3278 mm(opened)/17240×2926×3656 mm(closed)
Weight: 50000 kg
Model Number: TZ3S
Brand Name: XCMG
Place of Origin: China
Certification: CE/ISO9001

Intelligent and efficient drilling equipment:


1. Five types of propellers and two drilling machine configurations (18KW and 33KW) realize deeper and faster drilling.

2. The multi-stage anti-seizure design reduces the drilling tool consumption by 10%.

3. The drilling pipe extension assisting system easily realizes the pipe-shed drilling, grouting-hole drilling, and advance geological exploration.

4. The enclosed cab with heating and air conditioning system and noise reduction design guarantees the comfortable and easy operations.

5. The intelligent computer guiding realizes accurate positioning of drilling boom and higher arrangement efficiency of holes.

 Item Unit Parameter
 Maximum operation cover area 186.5
 Maximum operation height mm 13110
 Maximum operation width mm 16527
 Drill boom extended length mm 1602
 Drill boom lifting angle ° 69/-43
 Tit angle for propeller ° ±45
 Propeller tit angle ° 360
 Propeller compensation length mm 1800
 Maximum propulsive force kN 22.5
 Drill hole depth mm 5140/6015
 Impact power of gadder kW 18.8/31
 Impact frequency of gadder Hz 47/(63-72)
 Swing torque of gadder N·m 780/671
 Diameter for dill hole mm φ43-φ140
 Water flushing pressure bar October 15th
 Gas lubrication pressure bar February 4th
 Lifting height for working service platform mm 12000
Swing width for working service platform mm 15500
Rated load for working service platform kg 400
Lifting height of cab mm 1200
 Lifting height of cab roof mm 700
Total installed power kW 237/282
External power supply V/Hz 380/50
 Maximum traveling speed km/h 20
 Maximum gradability ° 20
 Engine power kW 186
Transport dimension(L×W×H) mm 17240*2926*3278
Transport dimension(L×W×H) mm 17240*2926*3655
Curb weight kg 50000

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