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XCMG was founded in 1943. XCMG products include: excavators, loaders, cranes including earth-moving machinery, road machinery, concrete machinery, mining machinery and other 12 construction machinery.

Main Applications

This anchor rod jambo is mainly applicable for the mine roadways and traffic tunnels.

It can realize the full-mechanized operation for three processes, namely drilling, anchor rod installation, and grouting or cartridge charging.

Technical Features


The French imported jackdrill is applied, featuring reliable performance and high drilling efficiency.

Anchor rod mechanism

The lightweight aluminum alloy girder features good mechanical performance. The single propelling girder design features accuracy positioning at changeover of processes, light and concise structure, and easy maintenances. The anchor rod compartment can be loaded with 9 anchor rods to realize high working efficiency.


The enclosed cab is applied to provide a comfortable operating environment. The cab can be lifted and swung for a certain angle to improve the operating vision.

Slurry system

The German Schwing mixing and pumping technology guarantees accurate compounding and reliable working.

Working platform


The optional working platform can be installed to assist the manual charging, scaling, measurement, and processing of other works. 



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