XCMG Arch Installation Trolley TGC1300 Three Boom Robot Arch Mounting Trolley Price
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XCMG Three Boom Robot Arch Mounting Trolley TGC1300.


It’s special construction equipment mainly suitable for the installation, reinforcement, and mesh affixing operations of steel arch within tunnels. In addition, it can provide the aerial work platform for the charge, auxiliary scaling, anchor rod installation, and ventilation duct operations.
Technical Features:

* In the three-boom robot design, the middle main boom can realize the in-situ grabbing and the fine tuning and positioning of whole arch. The auxiliary booms on two sides can realize the high-position grabbing and connection and assist the positioning of side walls, hances, and arch springs.

* It’s applied with energy-saving, environmental-friendly, and low emission engine, all-drive self-adaptive traveling system, integral frame, and rear-wheel steering system, featuring high vehicle stability.

* The boom basket adopts integrated design and electro-hydraulic proportional control mode to realize independent control, mutual independence, and high working efficiency.

* The industrial controller and the length and angle sensor are applied to automatically control the combination motions of luffing, slewing, and telescoping and realize the horizontal and vertical movements of the arch.


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