XCMG official 14m self-propelled scissor lift GTJZ1412 aerial working platform with electric and hydraulic drive system for sale
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Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (XCMG) was founded in 1943. Since then, XCMG has stood at the forefront of the Chinese construction machinery industry and developed into one of the domes
Weight: 3380kg
Overall Dimension: 2850*1250*200mm
Table Size: 2636*1120*1255mm
Max Lifting Height: 13.7m
Min Lifting Height:
Rated Loading Capacity: 230Kg
Lift Drive / Actuation: Hydraulic
Lift Mechanism: Scissor Lift
Model Number: GTJZ1412
Brand Name: XCMG
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Certification: CE and KC

14m self-propelled scissor lift aerial working platform with electric and hydraulic drive system GTJZ1412.



The scissors aerial work platform which is the newly developed series by XCMG can provide customers with a variety of personalization options. The compact structure can be applied flexibly in a narrow space; with the new electric drive system, the driving is more smooth, without emissions more environmentally friendly; industry-leading automatic pothole protection system, safe and reliable; more extensible platform workspace. Shear can be used in the truck series construction and maintenance of commercial buildings, warehouses, airports and other areas.


Performance Characteristics:

1.Convenient Transportation And Stable Operation

The telescoping sub-platform achieves large working space and works with folding platform to realize easier transportation and translocation. The industry-leading automatic pit protection system and the widened wheel tread design enable your free operations even on rough ground.


2.Environmental Cons Truction And Convenient Service

Pure electric drive, zero release, low noise and more environmental construction. Overall swing-type tray is convenient for service and maintenance.


3.General And Modular Design

The modular design for the machine guarantees the universality of parts, makes the customers’ repairs and maintenances easier, and achieves more competitive cost.

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