XCMG official 18m mobile hydraulic articulated boom lift GTBZ18A1 aerial work platform for sale
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Weight: 10600kg
Overall Dimension: 9080x2490x2680mm
Table Size: 1830x760x1150mm
Max Lifting Height: 20.3m
Min Lifting Height:
Rated Loading Capacity: 230Kg
Power: 38KW/3000rpm
Lift Drive / Actuation: Electric Motor
Lift Mechanism: Articulated Lift
Model Number: GTBZ18A1
Brand Name: XCMG
Place of Origin: China
Certification: ISO

18m mobile hydraulic articulated boom lift aerial work platform GTBZ18A1.


For 18m level “Σ” type linkage folded hybrid boom aerial work platform, its readability, operating performance and humanization has reached to the advanced level in the industry.

The linkage folded hybrid arm has compact structure and flexible stretching, which is easy to get to the unreachable areas; with four-wheel drive, off-road wide tires and axle balancing device, the equipment has excellent drive and terrain adaptability.

The model manipulation is simple, safe, reliable, accurate and efficient, which can meet the requirements of the construction, petrochemical, venues, leasing and other industry users.


Advantages and highlights:

1.The undercarriage assembly

The running mode is subject to hydraulic driving, and the driving mode adopts four-wheel drive; besides, it has also selected the built-in running reducer integrating motor and reducer, and set fast and slow speed gears of driving speed, which can meet the driving requirements of vehicle under different environments. When driving on slopes, the running mechanism possesses self-braking function; meanwhile, it is also set with clutch device, which can facilitate dragging, in case of any faults.


2.Arm rest assembly

The aboard combined arm assembly refers to the folded arm + telescopic arm + one section of crank arm.


3.Rotary table

The rotary table is set as per hinge joints of single stiffened plate, and the counterweight is set behind it. With respect to the counterweight, fuel tank, hydraulic oil tank and control cabinet are set on the left side of the rotary table; the engine and accumulator are set on the right side of the rotary table.


4.Hydraulic system

Two-pump drive is adopted for the hydraulic system, and it is formed through the series connection of variable displacement piston pump and constant displacement pump, and the direct drive of the engine will provide power for the hydraulic system.


5.Electrical system

Distributed PLC control technology is adopted for the electrical system, and the controllers are set on the platform and rotary table respectively. The rotary table and platform controller are communicated via CAN bus. Rotary table and platform were set up control box to achieve the control of chassis, rotary table, boom and platform.

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