XCMG official 14m China electric articulating boom lift GTBZ14J self-propelled equipment price
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Weight: 6900kg
Overall Dimension: 6.69*2.26*2.13m
Table Size: 1.83*0.76*1.15m
Max Lifting Height: 14.2m
Min Lifting Height:
Rated Loading Capacity: 230kg
Power: 38KW/3000rpm
Lift Drive / Actuation: Electric Motor
Lift Mechanism: Articulated Lift
Model Number: GTBZ14J
Brand Name: XCMG
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Certification: CE

14m China electric articulating boom lift self-propelled equipment GTBZ14J.


14m-level articulated boom aerial work platform aiming at meeting customer demand has intelligent and perfect control system, adopts humanized layout and lubrication-free design, is easy for use and maintenance and provides comprehensive safety protection and abundant configuration options.


Model features:

(1) Flexibility and efficiency

"Σ-type” double link jib has characteristics of compact structure and flexible extension, which can achieve vertical lifting and horizontal extension and has very strong obstacle climbing ability;180° rotatable platform provides bigger operation range; Narrow-type rotary table with compact structure can achieve" zero tail wagging" and improve operation efficiency.


(2) Super strong site adaptability

Cross-country type chassis, four-wheel drive system, pouring-type cross-country wide type, full-time axle balanced system and 38kw strong power are configured so that the equipment has excellent terrain adaptability.


(3) Advanced performance, safety and reliability

Full-range operation, visual and friendly control panel and easy operation; Electro-hydraulic proportional system control is accurate and efficient. Protective measures such as chassis incline protection, platform overload alarming, emergency landing, safety speed limit, flexibility start-stop technology, etc. are provided.

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