XCMG Brand Road Construction Machines Chinese Soil Stabilizer Cold Asphalt Recycler XLZ2303S Price
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Rated Power: 390kw/2100rpm
Model Number: XLZ2303S
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Roll Shaft Diameter:
Rated Speed:
Paving Width:
Paving Thickness:

XCMG Brand Road Construction Machines Chinese Soil Stabilizer Cold Asphalt Recycler XLZ2303S Price.


XLZ2303S road cold recycling machine is a multifunctional road maintenance machine mainly used for the upgrade operations of the used asphalt county and township roads as well as the in-site stabilized soil mixing operations. XLZ2303S road cold recycling machine is applicable for the mixing of natural soil with fller, cement, and lime to improve the mechanical and physical performances of the soil and for the milling operations of damaged asphalt or asphalt concrete roads in thickness of no higher than 150mm. In addition, it's also applicable for the in-situ stabilized soil mixing operations for the substrates and roadbeds of the highway, urban road, square, harbor, and parking lot projects.


* The milling width of this machine is 2,300mm and the optional 2,100mm rotor is available. The maximum milling depth is 400mm and the cutter spacing is 18mm.


* With XCMG's rotor technology, the XCMG's milling cutters and cutter holders feature reasonable design and high milling accuracy.


* The milling rotor is driven by high- speed variable motor and reducer.


* The traveling system includes two speed modes, namely high speed mode and low. speed mode. The front/rear axles are steering drive axles (Optional rear steering axle is available) to realize four wheel steering and the installed low-pressure wide-base isolated-pattern tires feature stable operation and high adhesion.


* The sprinkler system includes the sprinkling function.


* The steering system incorporates the crabwalk function.


* The engine includes advanced functions, including online display, malfunction diagnosis, and malfunction warning. In addition, the data can be more directly read by the installed display.


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