XCMG 20 ton truck with crane SQS500B China telescopic boom lorry crane
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XCMG was founded in 1943. XCMG products include: excavators, loaders, cranes including earth-moving machinery, road machinery, concrete machinery, mining machinery and other 12 construction machinery.
Model Number: SQS500B
Brand Name: XCMG
Place of Origin: Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China
Max. Lifting Load: 20 ton

XCMG 20 ton truck with crane SQS500B China telescopic boom lorry crane.


The SQS500B truck-mounted crane industry applies the self-developed hydraulic confluence proportional control technology for the first time, and further improves the work efficiency of the winch under the premise of the crane's micro-movement and stable compound action.


The telescopic system adopts the industry-leading double-cylinder touch mechanical stroke Control, sequence expansion and contraction are more reliable, and the load expansion and contraction ability is stronger.


Performance Characteristics:


1. Double-cylinder telescopic system and strong load capacity for one boom;

2. Good micro-movement and high working efficiency;

3. Self-locking performance is good; the action is more stable;

4. Higher stability of the whole vehicle;

5. It can promptly remind the operator will automatically cut off dangerous actions to ensure safe work;

6. XCMG special wide temperature hydraulic oil is standard, which can be used in winter and summer.

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