XCMG factory road machine XTF1203 asphalt chip synchronous sealer for sale
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XCMG factory road machine XTF1203 asphalt chip synchronous sealer.


XZJ5313TFCTB (XTF1203) asphalt synchronous chip sealer can realize the synchronous spreading of asphalt and gravel, improve the quality of pavement seal coat. It can be used to spread rubber asphalt, matrix asphalt, modified asphalt and emulsified asphalt


It is applicable to the construction of lower and upper seal coat, wearing course construction for new and old road surface, layer spread method of asphalt pavement, the separate spreading of asphalt and gravel in special case, etc.; It can not only be used for the interlayer treatment and medium maintenance construction of high-grade highway, but also can be used for the construction of rural roads with less traffic.


Main performance and characteristics:


*Internal lifting silo, low height, strong adaptability for culvert and under bridge construction.


*Split plate type gravel spreader, suitable for different types of stone, spread evenly.


*Hydraulic folding asphalt spraying beam, safe and convenient.


*Dual diesel burner asphalt tank, fast heating speed, good insulation performance; Paddle mixer, mix well.


*Maintenance convenient, effectively guarantee the power system security.


*Intelligent control system, just set distributing amount of asphalt spraying per square meter.


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