XCMG Official 90 Ton Mobile Truck Mounted Crane SQZ4500 for Sale
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XCMG was founded in 1943. XCMG products include: excavators, loaders, cranes including earth-moving machinery, road machinery, concrete machinery, mining machinery and other 12 construction machinery.
Certification: CE/ISO9001
Model Number: SQZ4500
Brand Name: XCMG
Place of Origin: Jiangsu,China
Span: 7720m
Max. Lifting Height: 26.5m
Max. Lifting Load: 92500kg
Rated Lifting Moment: 425.5t•m
Application: Construction

XCMG Official 90 Ton Mobile Truck Mounted Crane SQZ4500.


1. The dodecagonal arm section has better anti-buckling performance and stronger lifting capacity;


2. One-piece square box sub-frame, with better torsion and bending resistance;


3. The integrated design of the turntable and the counterweight square box has better structural strength and rigidity to ensure the stable expansion and contraction of the counterweight;


4. The standard 20t balance weight, the crane can realize self-loading and unloading, the loading and unloading process is simple and fast;


5. The front and rear outriggers on the side are all double-stage large-span outriggers, which improves the stability of the whole vehicle and makes the side lifting ability stronger;


6. The structure of the whole machine is reasonably arranged, and the weight is distributed to each axle. The appearance is compact and beautiful, and each bridge is not overloaded, which ensures that the crane can pass smoothly on high speed;


7. The whole machine has an ultra-low design, and the height is less than 3.6m, which can smoothly enter various workshops and workshops;


8. Adopt double pump confluence technology and flow regeneration technology to increase luffing and boom speed, and improve work efficiency;


9. Two high-power radiators are equipped as standard to ensure that the hydraulic oil temperature is not too high during long-term continuous operation of the crane;


10. The hydraulic proportional valve on the vehicle has good micro-motion performance and can perform compound actions with good controllability. It is equipped with a wireless remote control to improve the operator's vision and operating comfort;


11. Equipped with an anti-overturning control system to detect the status of each outrigger in real time to prevent the crane from overturning due to overload and improve operational safety;


12. Standard L-HM (CY) XCMG special wide temperature hydraulic oil can be used in winter and summer.

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