XCMG 110t truck crane QY110KH With Best Price


QY110KH Truck crane is widely used for the lifting operations in general engineering projects, such as construction site, urban renewal, communication and transportation, ports, bridge, oilfields and mine, and complex working environments. Performance Characteristics:* 7-section boom of 73 m with U-type profile is adopted; the max. lifting load is 110 t; the max. lifting height is 96.4 m; the max. working radius is 60 m; The performance takes the lead comprehensively. * Low speed large torque power transmission system, contributes to perfect combination of optimal power and optimal economical efficiency, leading to more than 12% reduction in fuel consumption and 10% improvement in grade ability. * XCT110 is also the first four-wheel driven truck crane domestically, which can meet the need under various road conditions.Chassis rear hydraulic controlled follow-up steering technology, realizate highway and small turning two steering modes, ensure stable and reliable of vehicle at high speed, travelling at lower speed is flexible.

Max. Lifting Load
Total weight in travel
Overall length
Overall width
Overall height
Engine Model
Engine rated torque
Engine rated power

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