XCMG 9 ton empty container handler XCH907K mobile container reach stacker crane.


XCMG mobile port handling equipment empty container stacker XCH907K (7th floor) has the advantages of comfortable operation, energy saving, environmental protection, safety and reliability, and high efficiency.


The use of global dynamic power matching technology, load-sensitive hydraulic technology, intelligent braking system and ring automatic fire extinguishing technology make the equipment more intelligent and advanced. 


Advantages and highlights:


1. Easy to control

The layout of control elements is reasonable, the driver's cabin is comfortable, the field of vision is wide, and the movements are smooth.


2. Safe and reliable

Ring automatic fire extinguishing system, independent heat dissipation technology.


3. intelligent and efficient

The layout of the whole machine is reasonable and optimized, the reserve of power fuel is large, and the continuous operation time is long.


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