1 ton XCMG mini wheel loader LW156FV.

XCMG mini wheel loader LW156FV has the characteristics of advance, reliability, energy-saving, high-efficiency, comfort, convenience and multifunction.

XCMG LW156FV mini wheel loader can carry out shovel loading and short-distance transportation of materials, and can also carry out operations such as traction, leveling and stacking. 

Product Highlights:

1. XCMG mini wheel loader LW156FV strong power, high efficiency and low fuel consumption.

2. 2300mm long wheelbase with stable loading.

3. Walking freely on narrow sites with a 35-degree steering angle.

4. XCMG LW156FV mini wheel loader stronger structure, stronger adaptability to heavy load.

5. Easy reach to gearbox refueling, grease filling, pressure measuring.

XCMG mini wheel loader LW156FV applicable working conditions:

Mini wheel loader LW156FV is suitable for small and narrow operation sites such as construction sites, ports, docks, stations, freight yards, grain yards, paper mills, biological power plants, municipal construction, and greening.

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