518 activity - port machinery
Reach Stacker

K series: fuel series, with the characteristics of strong power, strong climbing ability, high lifting capacity, high stacking layer, good stability, economy and durability.
E series: pure electric series, the only one in the industry, with long battery life, high efficiency, energy saving and safety pro- tection, high-end configuration, comfortable driving characteristics, in line with the high-end market requirements.

XCMG side cranes have several advanced core technologies and a number of patents, it can transfer containers to other trailers, trucks, or onto the ground.
It is widely used for shipping, port, railway, storage and custom etc. Best customization.

Empty Container Handler

K series: fuel series, with the characteristics of strong power, fast response, stable and reliable performance, safe operation, energy saving and environmental protection, and comfortable operation.
E series: pure electric series, with the characteristics of long battery life, high operating efficiency. Pure electric drive, zero emissions, and operating costs are much lower than conventional fuel products. The operation is convenient and safe.

Counterbalanced Forklift

XCMG heavy-duty forklifts are suitable for loading, unloading and transporting heavy goods in different occasions such as freight yards, warehouses, ports, docks, railway and highway transfer stations. It has the characteristics of high control efficiency, stability and reliability, low failure rate, energy saving and convenient operation. The tonnage covers 3 tons to 46 tons.