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Truck Crane

QY series:

XCMG classic series products, withstanding the test of market for years.
Covering tonnage from 8 ton to 75 ton.

XCT series:

Representing high quality, top performance, excellent configuration and accurate hoisting. Covering tonnage from 8 ton to 220 ton.

CE certification:


Crawler Crane

XGC series:

Wide appication, excellent helper in wind power construction and other applicable scene.
Covering tonnage from 5 ton to 3600 ton. XGC 88000 is the biggest crawler crane in the world.

XGCT telescopic type series:

Known as "special troops" in hoisting construction. Covering tonnage from 25 ton to 100 ton.

Rough Terrain Crane

XCR series:

Customization for US, Brazil, Middle East, Europe, Russia and countries of right driving.
Covering tonnage from 30 ton to 130 ton.

CE certification:


Gantry Crane

XCMG gantry crane features top performance, high site utilization, large operating range, wide adaptability and strong versatility, a good helper of loading and unloading.

Tower Crane

XL luffing boom series:

Covering booms of 40m, 50m, 60m, lifing capacity from 2.9 ton to 25 ton.

XGT flat top series:

Covering booms of 60m, 65m, 70m, lifing capacity from 8 ton to 18 ton.

XGA tower top series:

Covering booms of 56m, 60m, 65m, lifing capacity of 6 ton and 8 ton.