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Water Well Drilling Rig

XCMG water well drilling rig is mainly used in resource exploration and exploitation projects such as drilling water wells, detection wells, dewatering wells, geothermal air conditioning holes, grouting holes, and shallow coalbed methane wells. Reasonable layout of the whole machine, good maneuverability, suitable for various harsh road operations and meeting the drilling needs of different formations.

Rotary Drilling Rig

XCMG rotary drilling rig is a high-efficiency hole-forming equipment for large-diameter pile foundation construction, which is suitable for foundation engineering construction of high-rise buildings, bridges, and water conservancy construction. The maximum output torque covers from 130 to 800kN·m. Stable and reliable, super adaptability to working conditions, one machine with multiple functions, high cost performance.

Horizontal Directional Drill

XCMG horizontal directional drilling rigs are widely used in the pipe laying construction of water supply, electricity, telecommunications, natural gas, coal gas and oil etc. More than 20 models. Max thrust-pull force covers from 120KN to 13600KN. Good reliability and stability, high accuracy.


XCMG roadheaders are suitable for all types of tunnel excavation, and are designed and developed specifically for hard rock formations and formations with different rock lithologies. Intelligent operation, strong rock breaking ability, fast excavation speed, safety and stability, and low dust pollution. Power of Cutting motor covers from 180KW to 360 KW.

Diaphragm Wall Grab

XCMG diaphragm wall grab can be applied to the construction of complex hard rock strata such as subway, bridge anchor ingotts, water conservancy, hydropower and high-rise buildings. It has the characteristics of high precision of groove formation, high efficiency, strong ability of rock breaking, wide adaptability to geology and little impact on the surrounding environment. Groove depth covers from 55m to 85m.

Anchor Drilling Rig

XCMG anchor drilling rig is mainly used for the construction of tunnels, mines and other underground projects in tunnels. It has the characteristics of super anti-tilting ability, high drilling speed and low drilling tool loss, fast rock drilling speed, accurate positioning, long service life, etc., which effectively improves the adaptability of tunnel drilling.

Flight Auger Drilling Machine

XCMG flight auger drilling machine adopts originally imported Cummins turbocharged engine, it is powerful, reliable in performance, unique in the design of regulating speed, and more energy efficient. Multi-purpose machine by realizing CFA and rotary drilling method through changing working devices. High efficiency, stability and reliability.

Air Compressor

XCMG air compressor is suitable for use in electric road engineering, bridge construction, mining, tunneling and field operation area etc. High efficiency, low speed, rotor line design, low noise, low energy consumption, low maintenance costs, high reliability and usability.