518 activity - aerial working machinery
Scissor Lift

XCMG scissor lift has a compact structure and is tailored for construction. It can be widely used in workshops, warehouses, airports, stations and other industries, especially for narrow working site. It has the characteristics of advanced performance, complete safety protection, stable lifting and convenient operation.

25% grade-ability. The maximum operating range is from 6 to 16 meters, and the maximum load range is from 230kg to 450kg.

Telescopic Boom Lift

XCMG telescopic boom aerial work platform meets the construction requirements of large load and large operating range. It has the characteristics of excellent performance, excellent efficiency, strong driving and simple operation.

The height and range of operation lead the industry. The maximum height of operation is from 22 to 58 meters. The maximum load range is from 340 to 460kg

Articulated Boom Lift

XCMG articulated boom aerial work platform is compact in structure, suitable for indoor and outdoor conditions. It has the characteristics of strong carrying capacity, strong driving capacity, energy saving and environmental protection, and easy operation. The maximum operating height range is from 16m to 26m. The maximum load range is from 227kg to 350kg.

Truck Mounted Aerial Work Platform

XCMG truck-mounted aerial work platform includes telescopic boom type, articulated boom type, mixed boom type, insulated boom type, vertical lifting type. It has the characteristics of compact, large operating range, smooth operation, comfort and safety. It is applicable to a wide range and is suitable for complex operating conditions.

Construction Elevator

XCMG building hoist is mainly used in urban high-rise and super high-rise construction of all kinds of buildings. It has the characteristics of good lifting performance, low energy consumption, safety, reliability, convenient maintenance and comfortable operation. A variety of configurations for customers to choose.