518 activity - earth moving machinery
Wheel Loader

F series:

Suitable for light load with maneuverability and flexibility.
Covering tonnage from 1.6 ton to 6 ton, an eco- nomical model.

K series:

High-end models with reliable quality and suitable for heavy load conditions.
Covering tonnage from 1.6 ton to 14 ton.

ZL series:

Best seller, regular model suitable for most worksite.
Wide application. 3 ton and 5 ton.

XC9 series:

Customized for Europe and America, CE and UL certification.
Covering tonnage from 3 ton to 35 ton.

Backhoe Loader

K series:

Regular model for light load with low cost, popular with customers in South America.

HK series:

High quality for heavy load, suitable for West Asia, North Africa. More stable with H-shaped outrigger.


A classic model, widely used in Africa and Southeast Asia.


C/D series:

Experts in earthmoving with excellent durability and high efficiency.
Covering tonnage from 5.5 ton to 95 ton.

E/U series:

High-end market in Europe and America with CE certification, high cost-performance.
Covering tonnage from 1.5 ton to 280 ton.

Electric Excavator series:

Long battery life and low noise.
Covering tonnage from 1.5 ton ton 27 ton.

Wheel excavator series:

Safety, comfort and high mobility.
Covering tonnage of 6 ton, 15 ton and 21 ton.


TY series:

Flat Track type, traditional model, suitable for most worksite, covoring horsepower from 160HP to 410HP.

SD series:

Triangle track type, leading technology with good gradeablility, SD7N with 250HP and SD8N with 350HP.

DL series:

Derived from the deformation of XCMG wheel loaders, strong structure, strong power, stability and reliability, safety and comfort, energy saving and high efficiency, the first choice for ports and large mines, covering horsepower from 210HP ton 1200HP.


Dump truck:

Characterized by strong power and efficient transpor- tation covering tonnage from 18 ton to 48 ton.
Perfect service network in Southeast Asia and Africa.

Off road dump truck:

Wide-body type, suitable fo mining transportation, covering 47 ton to 100 ton.
Perfect service network in South America.


XC6 series:

Regular model, diversified attachments including an aerial platform, bucket, and bale clamp to meet the users' individual needs.
Covering 3 tons to 4.5 tons in tonnage, and work heights from 6 to 17 meters.

XT series:

Heavy-duty model, top brand engine with strong power, suitable for port transportation.
Covering 6 tons to 23 tons in tonnage, and work heights from 8 to 10 meters.