XCMG Pump Truck Work on the African Plateau

2023-02-20 14:43:13


Addis Ababa is located on the Ethiopian plateau in eastern Africa. It is a world-famous " Spring City" due to its cool climate and spring-like seasons. In this city surrounded by mountains, XCMG 62-meter fourth bridge pump trucks are busy working.


Although Addis Ababa enjoys spring-like weather all the year round. The lack of local resources makes the fuel consumption an important consideration for the local construction company to purchase vehicles. Construction companies are usually lack of funds and advanced equipment, thus the aggregate is comparatively rough and difficult to pump. Facing challenges, XCMG pump trucks bring forward “black technologies”.


  •      Equipped with Generation III intelligent boom technology, it can realize real-time intelligent vibration reduction under full working conditions. The boom's vertical and horizontal swing are within 130mm. The whole machine has strong stability, and can work smoothly even on the plateau of 2400 meters.

  •     The 3.0 power adaptive energy-saving technology is applied to detect the pumping pressure in real time and automatically adjust the pumping displacement and engine speed. The comprehensive fuel consumption is low and resources are saved.

  •     The truck is designed with large elbow and large variable diameter pipe and can pump both fine and rough material without any pipe jam. High efficiency.


Considering of the scarcity of local pump workers, XCMG overseas service team went to the construction site to demonstrate and operate the equipment, in order to ensure the normal operation. They taught knowledge and skills, provided 24-hour efficient service support, and won the appreciation of local people.


In recent years, XCMG has continuously provided high-quality equipment to help African people build beautiful homes and promote local modernization. XCMG pump trucks are busy working in Tanzania, Morocco, Egypt and other African regions.

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