Aerosun 5120L CGJ5080GJY Helicopter Aircraft Refueller

  • Aerosun 5120L CGJ5080GJY Helicopter Aircraft Refueller
  • Aerosun 5120L CGJ5080GJY Helicopter Aircraft Refueller


Aerosun 5120L CGJ5080GJY Helicopter Aircraft Refueller

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Aerosun 5120L CGJ5080GJY Helicopter Aircraft Refueller



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  • Weight:4185.000kg

                                                       Aerosun 5120L CGJ5080GJY Helicopter Aircraft Refueller

1.Main application and functional

1.1 Purposes

The refueller is suitable for quantitative refueling forsmall aircrafts and helicopters from transportation, tourism, forest fire protection and other industries.

1.2 Function

Gravity refueling -- the fuel in the tank of the vehicle will be filtered and measured and then injected into the aircraft fuel tank or other oil-receiving equipment through the gravity refueling reel hose.

Oil pumping - after the completion of refueling operation, the remaining oil in the rubber hose will be pumped back to the tank;

Circulating or mixing the oil in the tank;

Loading - load the external fuel into the tank with its oil pump;

Tank filling - the oil pumps and equipment in the tank are used to refuel at the bottom of the tank.

2. Main technical parameters

2.1 Basic parameters

Overall dimensions(L*w*h): 5995´2100´2610mm

Curb weight: 4185Kg

GVW: 8280Kg

Tank capacity: 5120L

2.2 Main technical performance parameters

Rated fuel flow, L/min: 60 ~ 130

Flowmeter (can be back to zero) accuracy: ±0.2%

Fuel filter separator performance indicators in line with the GB/T21358-2008 standard requirements;

Size of gravity refueling hose f25- 15 m, automatic spring rewinding, 1-inch refueling gun;

The bottom of the oil tank is equipped with air-control bottom valve, which has the function of emergency cutting off, and the bottom oil filling can solve the problem of unsafe loading and environmental protection.

The tank body is made of aluminum alloy, and the pipeline flanges are connected by jumper cables to prevent static electricity accumulation.

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AEROSUN was founded in 1865, a Shanghai-list manufacturer, a subsidiary of China Aerospace Sentience & Industry Corporation (CASIC). Cantact: Andy Wu, 86.13645177549, wudunqipl@163.com

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