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1. It is recommended that you keep in touch with the seller after purchasing offline...
About after-sales service:
1. It is recommended that you keep in touch with the seller after purchasing offline, who knows your equipment and working conditions and can provide you with more effective after-sales service.

2. If you purchase on, its customer management system will record your customer information, please rest assured to apply for after-sales service.

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1. Online service: samples, technical specifications, operation manuals, spare parts purchase.

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  • Summary
  • Specifications


  • Place of Origin:LIAOCHENG, SHANDONG
  • Model Number:SF504
  • Brand Name:SHIFENG
  • Power(W):50 HP
  • Drive Type:4×4
  • Usage:transpotation, framing
  • By wheel:rear
  • Certification:ISO9000


  • Weight:1500.000kg
  • Condition:New
  • Moving Type:Other
50HP Wd Farm/Agricultral/Farming/Diesel Farm/Agri/Compact Tractor for Sale
1.Lijia/Xinchai Engine
2.Drive Wheel:4WD(4*4)
3.Full hydraulic steering.
4.Four-stroke engines with high torque reserve.
5.Adjustable front and rear tracks.

Technical Parameters
Driving Type4*24*44*24*44*44*4
Rated power(kw)29.429.4333336.836.8
Rated Traction (kN)6.89.57107.210.5
Overall dimension (L*W*H)3650×1666×21603650×1666×21603650×1666×2210
Weight (kg)153017001530170015301700
PTO(RPM) 540,760
Speed (Km/h)Forward: 2.32-27.35 Backward: 3.12-12.22
OthersFront Ballast Weight and 1 layer Rear Ballast Weight,air brake
Tractor Features
1. Fuel consumption reach upto 1 liter/hour diesel.
2.Equip with double speed of PTO shaft 540/760 rpm.
3.Differential lock prevent rear wheels skidding when climbing, operating in paddy land and rainy weather.
4.Adapted to different field type.
5.Adopt full hydraulic steering, independent fuel tank, easy operating and high mobility.
6.Can adopt to various implements,such as plough,disc plough,ratory tiller,disc harrow,etc.
7.Adjustable front and rear tracks meet agricultural needs of different areas. Extra-large water tank and high capacity maintenance-free battery make the machine with best heat-dispersion and starting performance.

Our Factory
1.Shifeng Group Co., Ltd was established on 18th May, 1993 and is one of the leading companies of Chinese machinery industry.
2.There are 5 industry parks of the company and all factories cover more than 335 hectares.
3.The total value of the company's assets is US$ 3 billions till now and staff number reaches up to 30,000
4.The company is engaged in production and sale of 3-wheel trucks, low-speed trucks, LCV, electric vehicles, tractors, engines, combined harvesters, tires, nylon-6 cord fabrics and etc.. The selling quantity of Shifeng three-wheel truck ranks NO.1 for 16 years in the same industry of China, the low-speed trucks of Shifeng were sold in the first place for 13 years in the same industry in China.
5.There are 13 departments in charge of corresponding products and process in the company's R&D Center and the total number of engineers is about 2500
6.Shifeng R&D Center is a CAD demonstration base of 3-wheel trucks and low-speed trucks. The R&D center worked out more than 1000 R&D results and Chinese national patents.
7.The production abilities of pounching, welding, painting, assembling, machining, casting and heat treatment of the company are all very advanced.
8.The company's sale distributors in China are more than 1500 and supplying vendors are more than 2000.
9.The company's products are sold not only to all over China but also to more than 50 countries and areas including USA, Indonisia, Myanmar, India, Russia, Egypt, Nigeia, Liberia and etc.
10.The company's annual production capacity are 1.3 million of 3-wheel trucks, 80 thousand of LCV, 200 thousand of electric vehicles, 1.5 million of diesel engines, 300 thousand of tractors, 8.8 million of tires and 5 thousand of combined harvesters.

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Chinese Famous Brand; Postdoctoral Science and Research Institute; The state-level enterprise technology center; ISO9001,OHSAS18000,ISO14000 International Quality System Certification;

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