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Aerosun 3200L~14500L Fuel Delivery Truck

Aerosun 3200L~14500L Fuel Delivery Truck
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Aerosun 3200L~14500L Fuel Delivery Truck
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  • Display online time:2020-05-06
  • weight:16000.000kg

Fuel Delivery Truck

The fuel delivery truck series adopts Class II chassis and is additionally refitted with the special part of the refuelling truck. This kind of trucks is mainly used in transporting and quantitatively filling light fuel such as gasoline and kerosene etc into the machinery.

Product Characteristics

1.The truck uses special chassis for fuel truck. Its engine has front exhaust pipe and the chassis emission complies with Europe III to Euro X Standard. It has good power performance and is strongly adaptable as each performance index and reliability etc can all meet the service demand.

2. The oil piping system is composed of oil pump, ball valve, quick coupling, flow meter, fuel dispenser, fuel dispenser reel, filter, relief valve and pipelines. The maximum single-pipe refueling amount through the pipelines of oil pumping system can be above 200L/min, and the flow rate through the fuel dispenser is 50L/min. Generally the oil piping system is located inside the front cabinet between the driving cab and the tank body.

3. The fuel delivery truck can complete following functions:

a.Pump the oil from the oil depot into its tank; (optional)

b.Fill the measured or unmeasured fuel in its tank into other devices, equipments directly or through measuring device.

c. Used as the moving pump station.

d. Circulate or mix the oil in its tank or other containers (optional).

e. It can prevent the oil leakage and the fire in case of emergencies; also has anti-static and emergency cut-off functions.

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