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Aerosun 50000L CGJ5580GJJ Aircraft Refueller

  • Aerosun 50000L CGJ5580GJJ Aircraft Refueller
  • Aerosun 50000L CGJ5580GJJ Aircraft Refueller
  • Aerosun 50000L CGJ5580GJJ Aircraft Refueller
  • Aerosun 50000L CGJ5580GJJ Aircraft Refueller
  • Aerosun 50000L CGJ5580GJJ Aircraft Refueller

Aerosun 50000L CGJ5580GJJ Aircraft Refueller
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Aerosun 50000L CGJ5580GJJ Aircraft Refueller
Aerosun 50000L CGJ5580GJJ Aircraft Refueller
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  • Summary
  • Specifications
  • Weight:19450.000kg

  1.                                                        Aerosun CGJ5580GJJ Aircraft Refueller

Comprehensive introduction

CGJ5580GJJ aircraft tanker, a current domestic largest capacity of 50,000 liters of aircraft refueller, with large capacity, fast refueling speed, good mobility and other advantages, has become the main model of large and medium-sized airports. It’s mainly used for large and medium-sized military and civilian airports, air bus, transport aircraft, bombers and other aircrafts to provide fuel refueling service.

Thevehicle is a semi-trailer, which is composed of a tractor and a semi-trailer. The chassis is reformed by truck chassis with medium and long wheelbase, and the traction saddle of special structure is used to connect the semi-trailer oil tank and carry out oil transportation. There is a lifting platform and a control room between the cab and the oil tank. This vehicle has the functions of reel refueling, platform refueling, oil pumping, bottom loading etc..

By optimizing the structure of the whole vehicle and using aluminum alloy oil tank, the vehicle's curb weight is controlled at about 19.45tons. Compared with the previous maximum capacity of our company 49000L full trailer airport refueling vehicle, its curb weight is reduced by 2.33 tons, realizing the lightweight of the whole vehicle. Using our patented technology "air distributor", the automation of the operation is realized. The operation process is simplified, the work efficiency is improved, and the oil pumping operation is reliably interlocked to improve the security of the operation. The aircraft tank type refueling car applies our company's patented technology "load bearing multi-section variable section refueller fuel tank", and develops the whole vehicle operation and safety control system with PLC as the core.

Technical index

1.Max. flow rate of pressure refueling

Reel refueling: 1200 L/min (2.5" hose)

Platform double hose refueling: 2400 L/min (2.5" hose)

2.(optional) max. flow rate of gravity refueling: 300 L/min (1.5" hose)

3.Max. flow rate of vacuum pumping:

single reel hose: 300L/min (2.5" hose)

Platform double hose:: 800L/min (2.5" hose)

4.Max. flow rate of loading: 1500/2500L/min (single hose/double hose)

5.Flowmeter accuracy: ±0.2%

6.Filter separator filter jet fuel performance indicators meet the requirements of API/IP 1581 5th;

7.During pressure refueling operation, the pressure at the end of the pipeline is set to 0.35mpa.When the pressure at the end of the hose exceeds the set value, the refueling will be automatically interrupted.

8.1 pressure refueling reel hose, 1 gravity refueling reel hose, 1 platform fuel delivery hose, 2 platform pressure refueling hoses.

9.Electronic control deadman (time control system can be activated), beyond deadman.

10.Tank high and low level control, high and low level alarm.

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