Dkx-a series of spiral swing cylinder

  • Dkx-a series of spiral swing cylinder

Dkx-a series of spiral swing cylinder

Dkx-a series of spiral swing cylinder
Dkx-a series of spiral swing cylinder

Dkx-a series of spiral swing cylinder

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Dkx-a series of spiral swing cylinder
Dkx-a series of spiral swing cylinder
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  • weight:30.000kg

Packaging & Shipping

  • Delivery Lead Time:7 days for ready goods
  • Minimum Order:1 Piece
  • Supply Ability:10,000 Set/ Sets per Month
  • Total Quantity In Stock:Over 5000
  • Delivery Port:Any Port In China

Dkx-a series of spiral swing cylinder           

The standard products of dkx-a series of spiral swing oil cylinders can't bear bending moment, can't be mounted by straddle or cantilever, and can only provide torque in the form of shaft output. Dkx-a is often used for station switching, opening / closing, environmental protection equipment, agricultural light industry automation equipment and other horizontal or vertical turnover equipment. According to customers' needs, the latest a series can realize zero degree and maximum angle adjustment, which is convenient for customers to install and fix on the equipment.

Important product specifications           

Standard working pressure: 21MPa           

Standard swing angle: 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 360 degrees           

Driving torque: 210n. M ~ 22200n. M           

Holding torque: 300N. M ~ 31750n. M           

Axial load: 500kg ~ 4000kg           

Radial load: 160kg ~ 5800kg           

Torque output mode: shaft output (internal socket, spline, hexagon, etc.)           

Installation method: flange           

Special models (torque, installation form, size, etc.) can be produced according to customers' requirements

Characteristics and advantages           

01 compact structure           

A larger screw angle is used in the cylinder to shorten the piston stroke.           

02 high bearing capacity           

The special internal structure of the oil cylinder enables the oil cylinder to bear large axial and radial loads.           

03 zero leakage           

The unique seal design makes the oil cylinder only have a very small amount of leakage approaching zero.           

04 load direct connection           

The load to be driven can be directly connected to the torque output.           

05 custom module           

According to the different needs of customers, customized production.

Dkx-a series of spiral swing cylinder

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