Epdc-300 series DC charging pile

  • Epdc-300 series DC charging pile

Epdc-300 series DC charging pile

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Epdc-300 series DC charging pile
Epdc-300 series DC charging pile
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  • weight:100.000kg

Epdc-300 series DC charging pile

Scope of application           

Epdc-300 series DC fast charging pile is suitable for fast charging of electric vehicles. It is suitable for installation in electric vehicle charging and changing power station, public parking lot, residential parking space and other places. It can provide DC power for electric vehicle power battery, and the operation is safe and convenient

AC input current            250A            300A           

AC input voltage            380VAC±15%           

AC input frequency            43-67Hz          

Output voltage range            200V~750V          

Maximum output current            250A           

THDi            <5%           

PF            >0.99         

efficiency            >93%          

Charging gun length            7m (double charging)          

Auxiliary power supply (power supply for vehicle BMS)            10V/15A、24V/10A          

Rated operating current of residual current protection            30mA           

Accuracy class of watt hour meter            Grade 1.0           

DC insulation monitoring            Operating condition R < 100 Ω / V         

Protection level            IP54           

Noise            ≤65dB           

Cooling mode            Intelligent air cooling           

MTBF            ≥8760h           

Mechanical operation life of connector            More than 10000 times          

Human computer interaction mode            touch screen           

Charging mode            Double gun alternate charging or double gun charging at the same time           

Dimensions            L * w * H = 600 * 850 * 1870mm3           

Total weight (including module)            200kg

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