HAUNGHAI YGSC245 dual-power car disassembly machine

  • HAUNGHAI YGSC245 dual-power car disassembly machine
  • HAUNGHAI YGSC245 dual-power car disassembly machine
  • HAUNGHAI YGSC245 dual-power car disassembly machine


HAUNGHAI YGSC245 dual-power car disassembly machine

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HAUNGHAI YGSC245 dual-power car disassembly machine



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  • Weight:111111.000kg
  • Condition:New
  • Moving Type:Other

With the development of cities in various countries, the number of scrapped cars is increasing day by day. How to dispose of waste cars in an environmentally friendly, efficient and safe way and maximize the recycling of waste metal has become the demand of The Times. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of the domestic and foreign markets, henan huanghai construction machinery has been continuously carrying out professional research and development in the field of scrapped vehicles, and has now produced YGC245 multi-function vehicle disassembly machine to meet various needs. It is reasonable to believe that in the near future, with the further development of China's automobile disassembly industry, the existing manual disassembly process will gradually go down the stage of history, and "yongong" automobile disassembly machine will become the first choice of modern scrapped automobile disassembly enterprises.


Main features:


1.1 powerful and flexible dismantling hydraulic shear


1.1.1 the original imported motor and high strength imported alloy steel material, with super crushing force and shear force.


1.1.2 the cutting edge is designed with clamping groove, which is convenient to clamp irregular materials.


1.1.3 the design of the double-fold line tool makes it easy to bite and tear the material without slipping when cutting the material.


1.1.4 the original blade interchange design can be used on all four sides of the blade. Greatly improve the use efficiency and life of the blade


1.1.5 the long trapezoidal design is adopted for the disassembly hydraulic shear, which can be operated in a narrow space.


1.1.6 the tool head can rotate freely 360 degrees and grasp the disintegrating target accurately and quickly.


1.2 clamp pressure arm with rich functions


1.2.1 the maximum opening and closing range of the same grade can be up to 3300 mm, and the elevation is 2138 mm.


1.2.2 in addition to providing a strong grip to ensure the shear work, the fixture adopts a bowl-shaped arc design, which can easily disassemble all kinds of tires;


1.2.3 equipped with four alloy steel cutters, greatly improving the engine crushing efficiency;


1.2.4 for off-road vehicles, minibuses, buses, buses and other vehicles with car beams, the unique design of the front fixed jaw greatly improves the disassembly efficiency during disassembly;


1.2.5 tooth extraction at the front, the operator has a better field of vision and is more convenient to operate in case of torsional disintegration;


1.2.6 all the accessories of the clamping arm are connected by bolts, with good expansion performance and secondary development performance, and more convenient maintenance.


1.3 strong power system


The use of domestic famous brand engine - yuchai power, powerful power, environmental economy, low fuel consumption, low noise, in any operating environment can play an excellent work efficiency and excellent performance.


The project name


The performance parameters

Work weight



Motor power



The main pump



Rated flow



Pressure of work



The main valve



Rotary motor



Walking motor



Rotary speed



Maximum traction



Walking speed



Maximum climb


Caterpillar is long



Track plate width



Total width of lower frame



Arm length



The second arm length





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