Huadong MTU (Benz) series diesel generator set

  • Huadong MTU (Benz) series diesel generator set
  • Huadong MTU (Benz) series diesel generator set
  • Huadong MTU (Benz) series diesel generator set
  • Huadong MTU (Benz) series diesel generator set
  • Huadong MTU (Benz) series diesel generator set
  • Huadong MTU (Benz) series diesel generator set
  • Huadong MTU (Benz) series diesel generator set


Huadong MTU (Benz) series diesel generator set

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Model: MTU Benz
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Huadong MTU (Benz) series diesel generator set



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  • weight:10000.000kg
  • Condition:New
  • Type:Open Frame
  • Engine Brand:Cummins
  • Power Range:10-200KW

Huadong brand MTU (Benz) series diesel generator sets:

Huadong brand MTU Mercedes-Benz series of environmentally friendly high-power units, using the German DaimlerChrysler (Benz) MTU electronic injection diesel engine to complete the set. The history of MTU dates back to the era of mechanization in the eighteenth century. Today, MTU, adhering to its fine tradition, has always stood at the forefront of the world's engine manufacturers with its unparalleled technology. The excellent quality of the MTU engine is completely consistent with the concept of reliability, advanced technology, first-class performance, environmental protection and long service life proposed by Huadong. While Huadong Company chose MTU, MTU also selected Huadong as an important global diesel generator set partner after strict screening. The results confirmed that Huadong Company, as a professional diesel generator set manufacturer, is very impressive in terms of assembly process and control system. Convincing international quality.

Germany's DaimlerChrysler (Mercedes-Benz) Group has more than 100 years of engine manufacturing history, and its MTU company has become the world's leading manufacturer of propulsion systems including cutting-edge technology engines. MTU's diesel engines, industrial gas turbines and other products have been It is widely used in various fields such as aviation, navigation and land use in the world.

MTU2000 and 4000 series engines were launched in early 1997 and are one of the few diesel engines in the world equipped with the electronic monitoring and management system MDEC. The 4000 series are large diesel engines using common rail fuel injection system technology. MDEC collects and detects the main parameters during engine operation, and controls the fuel injection parameters (start time, fuel injection pressure, fuel injection quantity) of the solenoid valve fuel injector through high-speed processing and comparison with the stored fuel supply curve at the same time. and closing time). The fuel is completely burned in the cylinder to realize the real electric injection. Ensure the fuel consumption rate of the MTU engine, low starting and smoke during sudden load, and good cold start performance. Its fuel-saving and environmental protection performance is currently as long as 30,000 hours without an overhaul period in the world, which exceeds 10,000 to 20,000 hours of ordinary diesel engines, and can be cold started at a low temperature of minus 20 °C. MDEC also has fault diagnosis and fault code display functions.

MTU2000 and 4000 series engine structure: water-cooled, exhaust gas turbocharged, four-stroke, V-shaped cylinder block with a 90° angle, 2000 series intake is mainly air-to-air intercooled, 4000 series intake is water-to-air intercooled . Direct-injection combustion chamber, three-ring steel top aluminum skirt piston, one cylinder and one cover, four valves, central fuel injector, wet replaceable cylinder liner. No adjustment is necessary for solenoid valve injectors.

MTU2000 and 4000 series engine emissions meet the environmental protection standards of the German Air Force TA Luft, the California Air Resources Bureau CARB, the United States Environmental Protection Agency EPA and the European Union II.

Huadong brand diesel generator set generator adopts Cummins-Stanford generator and Huadong brand generator

Introduction of Cummins-Stanford Generator:

Headquartered in the UK, New Era International Co., Ltd. is the world's leading and leading manufacturer of alternator technology. AC 4-level 5KW-3000KW generators occupy more than 30% of the world market, and are sold in the United Kingdom, India, the United States, Indonesia and other countries. There is a production plant in Wuxi, China. Stamford alternators are completed in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO9001 according to a variety of internationally recognized standards. Stanford motor has the following advantages:

1. Four-level brushless self-exciting, anti-drip structure (IP22 protection grade). Class H insulation provides protection for the generator to operate in harsh environments.

2. The stator is wound with 2/3 pitch, which can effectively suppress the waveform distortion of the output voltage and reduce the heating of the magnetic field.

3. The rotor is dynamically balanced before assembly, and the perfect damper winding helps reduce voltage deviation and heat under non-constant loads.

4. The output power of the exciter rotor is transmitted to the host rotor through a three-phase full-wave bridge rectifier. The rectifier is protected by a surge suppressor to avoid damage caused by shocks such as short circuit or phase out-of-step in parallel.

5. The automatic voltage regulator (AVR) has the characteristics of automatic load shedding to protect the engine, allowing full load to be applied to the generator at one time, and the steady-state voltage regulation rate can achieve ±0.5 or ±1%. If the permanent magnet generator excitation (PMG) is selected system, the generator has high motor starting ability and is immune to the output voltage waveform variation of the host stator generated by non-linear loads (such as thyristor DC motors, UPS, etc.).

Huadong MTU (Benz) series diesel generator set

Huadong MTU (Benz) series diesel generator set

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