SL500S Water Well Drilling Rig

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Model: SL500S
Engine: 1
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SL500S Water Well Drilling Rig
SL500S Water Well Drilling Rig
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  • Certification:1
  • Dimension(L*W*H):6180*2270*2626mm(3434mm)
  • Brand Name:zy


  • weight:2000.000kg
  • Condition:New
  • Moving Type:Other
  • Tread:1600mm
  • Wheelbase:2500mm


SL500S Water Well Drilling RigSL500S Water Well Drilling Rig

SL500S Water Well Drilling RigSL500S Water Well Drilling RigSL500S Water Well Drilling Rig

SL500S Water Well Drilling RigSL500S Water Well Drilling Rig

Product selling point


The company has focused on the research and development of full hydraulic multifunctional well drilling rig for more than ten years, and has become the production service provider of domestic early professional research and development and large scale production of top drive full hydraulic water well drilling rig.  There are B.V. 300, B.V. 400,  300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 1000, 1200, 1500, 2000 series water well drilling rigs. The drilling depth is 200 to 2000 meters, and the hole diameter covers 100 to 1000mm.

"BroadVision" brand drilling rigs comes out in front in domestic sales and market share of similar products. And the specifications and types of similar products are available. "B.V. series" drilling rig will let more friends experience quality of "BroadVision" at more affordable price.


Full hydraulic control is convenient and flexible

The drilling rig's speed, torque, feeding axial pressure, reverse axial pressure, feeding speed and lifting speed can be adjusted at any time, to meet the needs of different drilling tools operating conditions and different construction techniques.


Top drive type rotary feeding lifting

It is convenient for the drill pipe to be connected and unloaded, shortening the auxiliary time, and also facilitating the drilling with the pipe.


Multifunctional drilling

Various drilling techniques can be used on this drilling rig, such as: down-the-hole drilling, through-air reverse circulation drilling, air lift reverse circulation drilling, cutting drilling, cone drilling, drilling with casing and core drilling under development, etc. The drilling rig can be equipped with mud pump, foam pump and generator according to user requirements. The rig also comes standard with various winches.


High efficiency

Due to full hydraulic and top drive type rotary feeding lifting that are suitable for various drilling techniques and drilling tools, the operation is convenient and flexible, with fast drilling speed and short auxiliary time, so the efficiency is high.


Low cost

Drilling on the rock is based on the DTH hammer drilling technology. DTH rock drilling has high efficiency and the single-meter drilling cost is lowest.


Unique positive and negative axial pressure adjustment

The best impact efficiency of various DTH hammer has the best matching axial pressure and speed. During the drilling process, as the number of drill rods increases, the axial pressure on the drill hammer is also increasing. Therefore, the positive and negative axial pressure valves are adjusted during construction to ensure that the drill hammer can obtain the best axial pressure. The impact efficiency is the highest at this time.


Function of lubricator

High efficiency and durable lubricator and oil mist lubrication pump. During the drilling process, the high-speed drill hammer is lubricated at all times to maximize its service life.


Rig chassis

It can be truck mounted self-propelled chassis, also can be crawler mounted self-propelled chassis or trailer mounted chassis.



The second-hand machine has the highest value in the industry

The main components of the drilling rig are imported brands, and the drilling rig is made of high-quality high-strength low-carbon alloy steel, which increases the overall strength and is super wear-resistant. There is also the most important hydraulic system, which is very valuable.


SL500S Water Well Drilling Rig


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