V9-h general frequency converter

  • V9-h general frequency converter


V9-h general frequency converter

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V9-h general frequency converter
V9-h general frequency converter
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V9 − H series universal inverter is a high performance vector control and torque control inverter. The product adopts vector control technology and torque control technology, which not only has excellent control performance, but also combines with the application characteristics of China, further strengthens the reliability, environmental adaptability and customized and industrial design of the product, which can better meet the needs of various transmission applications.           

The voltage level of V9 − h product covers 200V, 400V, 690V and 1140V, and the power range of the product covers 0.4KW ~ 3MW, which can meet the application requirements of various high, medium and low-end markets.           

Product features           

Fast and accurate motor parameter self-learning, adapt to a variety of motors: synchronous / asynchronous / reluctance / high speed / torque motor, VF vector encoder closed-loop integration           

Asynchronous non inductive VF control, 200% torque output at 0.25hz in electric state and 200% torque output at 1Hz in power generation state           

Good voltage and current control, high speed and high frequency, deep magnetic weakening, wave by wave current limiting, multiple protection           

Modular compact structure design, high power density           

Support a variety of encoders and high-speed communication protocols           

Integrated drive and control, expandable PLC and motion control card           

Chinese keyboard, friendly interface, reliable and easy to use

V9-h general frequency converter

V9-h general frequency converter

V9-h general frequency converter

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