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XCMG Official Manufacturer 5 tons Sprinkler-Sweeping Truck XZJ5100TXSQ5 for sale

XCMG Official Manufacturer 5 tons Sprinkler-Sweeping Truck XZJ5100TXSQ5 for sale
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XCMG Official Manufacturer 5 tons Sprinkler-Sweeping Truck XZJ5100TXSQ5 for sale
  • Product
  • Summary
  • Details
  • Overall Dimension(L*W*H):7130×2200×2720 mm
  • Weight:7250 kg
  • Model Number: XZJ5100TXSQ5
  • Brand Name:XCMG
  • Place of Origin:China
  • Certification:CE/ISO9001
  • Product Name:357636-XZJ5100TXSQ5
  • Display online time:2019-11-07
  • weight:7250.000kg
  • After-sales Service Provided:Engineers available to service machinery overseas
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Condition:NEW
  • Moving Type:wheel
  • Chassis Model:QL1100A8LAY
  • Pavement sweep width:3.4m
  • Washing speed:3~20 km/h
  • Washing water rated pressure:10 MPa
  • Washing water rated flow:80 L/min
  • Sweep width:3.2m
  • Sweeping speed:3~20 km/h
  • Maximum cleaning capacity:64000 m²/h
  • Maximum inhalation size:120 mm
  • Discharge angle:≥45°
  • Clear water tank total volume:6200L
  • Trash can effective volume:3500L
  • The lifting Angle:≥45°
  • Maximum speed (full load):110 km/h
  • Maximum climbing angle:0.3
  • Braking distance (full load 30km/h):
  • Minimum turning diameter:≤16m
  • Vehicle kerb quality:7250 kg
  • Maximum total mass:10055 kg
  • Wheelbase:4175 mm
  • Front/Rear wheel track:1680/1650 mm
  • Approach angle:17°
  • Departure angle:14°
  • Min. ground clearance:150 mm
  • Suction diameter:180mm
  • Work ground clearance:5~10mm
  • Sweeping diameter:Φ900mm

XZJ5100TXSQ5 Sprinkler-Sweeping Truck

1Beautiful and practical Carriage Design

Under the premise of meeting the requirements of the use and strength, it overall employs SUS304 single-layer stainless steel production with the advantage of simplicity and practicality and with good technology. Besides, trash integrates water tank so as to increase the volume of water, and bring mass production and processing. Trash can be set up within the anti-overflow alarm device and high pressure spray cleaning device. When it operates, the anti-overflow alarm device can prevent the sewage from the straw, which can avoid resulting in secondary pollution. Furthermore, after dumping garbage, the high pressure spray cleaning device can automatically clean the tank, greatly reducing the operators’ labor intensity.

2Cleaning Mechanism with Self-adaptive Control

Ground pressure of side washing system employs spring as adjustment mode which could adjust the ground pressure at any time according to the road conditions during work to reduce the washing wear. In order to reduce the washing wear, ground pressure of side washing system employs spring as adjustment mode which could adjust the ground pressure at any time according to the road conditions during work. In order to solve the problems on sweeper brushes’ obtacles-free, one end of the supporting oil cylinder employs connected shackle to keep oil cylinder floating. When the sweeper brushes encounters obstacles, it has the function of automatic collision avoidance.

3High Efficient Duct System

Duct system is the basis of pneumatic transmission of sweeper-washer vehicle and it includes suction nozzles, carriage channels and fans. The total three key parts decide the suction force, air loss, systematic power and etc. And they are the core parts in the design of sweeper-washer vehicle.

(1)Efficient suctions disc

The vehicle employs a full floating nozzle structure with double suction nozzle built-in high pressure spray bar so that the road garbage collection, ground high pressure washing and sewage recovery function can be achieved completely in one-stop opearation.

(2)Efficient centrifugal fan

It employs high pressure centrifugal fan which is self developedped and its max air volume can reach 10000m3/h. It has big full pressure and high efficiency. The fan leaves are made of special steel materials and their shapes are not easy to wear.

4、Reliable and effective waterway system

(1)Waterway with low pressure and dust

Equipped with stainless steel sprinkler and with a low-pressure fan-shaped surface of the nozzle, the scraper can suppress the dust from the brush. Nozzle is also installed with dust spray pipe and self-made large-diameter nozzle, which can suppress the dust that comes with picking up the garbage by the scraper.

(2)High pressure waterway

High-pressure pumps are imported from Itay. When the high-pressure pump starts and the work valves switch, the pump can automatically unload. With the triple protection of the air cycle, safety valve and relief valve, high-pressure water pump can be effectively prevented from damage. The rear part of the car is equipped with mechanical automatic winding reel and with 20m high pressure hose, which can be used to clean the body, other equipment and

5、Handy PTO interface

Assistant engine employs JMCS JX493ZG3 / JE493ZG5. The assistant engine drives hydraulic pump directly through PTO interface to improve transimission efficiency, reduce trasmission of supporting housing, save oil consumption, reduce operation cost of users and decrease the failure rate effectively.

6Power Take-off System

Assistant enging of sweeper-washer vehicle employs automatic clutch output protection device as its protective setting to ensure the unloading start and stop of assistant engine. It solve the problem that the power take-off impact is large and it has better performance in protection of engine, fan and high pressure water pump.

7Intelligent Control System

(1)Integrated control mode

The sweeper-washer vehicle is equipped with advanced intelligent control mode. When operating, it just needs to select the job mode. Then the operation of startting and shutting down is automatically controlled by the program. The operation mode includes full cleaning operation, left washing operation, right washing operation, full sweeping operation, left sweeping operation, right sweeping operation and pure suction operation mode etc.

(2)Muti-safety protection

The muti-safety protection includes voice alarm protection, voice avoidance warning, voice failure alarming, low water level of clean water carriage, high water level of garbage carriage, low oil level of hydraulic oil carriage, rear door unopened alarm, safety supporting which is not put down and other protective devices. The vehicle has a reverse protection device. That is to say, the automatic recovery of the work device can be achieved when the vehicle reverses.

(3)Real-time job monitoring

The monitoring probe with high-definition is set in the right turret and the rear of the trash. Besides, a high-definition LCD display ia also set in the cab. As a consequence, the screen can be switched to the right and the rear of the trash position respectively so that the quality of vehicle operations can be monitored.

A high-pressure water pump belt detection device is set. When the high-pressure pump belt is removed, it ensures the cleaning can be carried on without water can. When the high-pressure pump belt can be normally installed, it can alarm, thus protecting the high-pressure water pump.

8、Safe and reliable hydraulic system

By adopting the chassis and assistant engine power of the dual-power hydraulic components system, dumping discharge, nozzle lift and sweep lift can be achieved by chassis and vice engine. When the dumping is carried out, it is only necessary to start the chassis engine, without starting the assistant engine. As a result, the number of revolutions of assistant engine increases. All these not only extend the service life of the assistant engine but also save the fuel.

By using three-valve independent hydraulic system, the hydraulic system work without interference and is easy to maintain.

By using plate stack valve procuded by the well-known domestic manufacturers in Beijing Huade, it is reliable and easy to maintain with stable performance.

9High Wear Technology Sweeping and Washing with Mixed Materials

Through self-development, the proportion of polypropylene, polyethylene raw materials, inorganic filler and its addictive has been adjusted to design and develop a formula of brushes which is with excellent performance in friction wear. At the same time, all experimental formula has been tested to develop speical nylon sweeping brush hair for Xugong and its service life has been increased two times.



Chassis parameters



Engine model


Engine Power




Assistant engine





Vehicle parameters

Max. total weight


Dimensions(L x W x H)


Curb weight

7300 Kg

Garbage parameters

Water tank volume


Effective Garbage volume

≥3.5 m³

Max. Lifting angle


Suction nozzle

Suction diameter


Work ground clearance


Working Performance

washing width


Washing speed

3~20 km/h

Max. sweeping capacity


Max. inhalation size

120 mm

Sweeping diameter


Driving performance

Max. climbing angle


Min. turning diameter


Maximum speed

110 km/h


Wheel track

Front wheel


Rear wheel


Approach angle


Departure angle


Min. ground clearance


Hydraulic system


Open electrical control

Main components

Gear pump, oil motor, hydraulic cylinder, solenoid valve

System pressure


Hydraulic tank capacity


Oil temperature

60 ˚C

Electric System


DC24VPLC programming control system


Chassis: 24V

Working device: 12V


Chassis: 12V-70A.H (2 in parallel) Work device: 12V-80A.H (1 only)

High pressure water system


Plunger pump


Italy KEB36R

greatest pressure


Rotating speed


Water valve type

Hydraulic high-pressure ball valve

Water valve pressure


Nozzle type

High pressure washing type

Water filter

Filter type

Sprinkler system

Main components

Electric diaphragm pumps, water filters, nozzles and so on

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