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XCMG Official Manufacturer 8 tons Compressed Garbagetruck XZJ5160ZYS for sale

XCMG Official Manufacturer 8 tons Compressed Garbagetruck XZJ5160ZYS for sale
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XCMG Official Manufacturer 8 tons Compressed Garbagetruck XZJ5160ZYS for sale
  • Product
  • Summary
  • Details
  • Overall Dimension(L*W*H): 8500×2500×2965mm
  • Weight:16000 kg
  • Model Number: XZJ5160ZYS
  • Brand Name:XCMG
  • Place of Origin:China
  • Certification:CE/ISO9001
  • Product Name:357636-XZJ5160ZYS
  • Display online time:2019-11-07
  • weight:15800.000kg
  • After-sales Service Provided:Engineers available to service machinery overseas
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Condition:NEW
  • Moving Type:wheel
  • Chassis Model:KG2E
  • Total Weight:16000KG
  • Curb Weight:9350kg
  • Rated Payload:6255kg
  • The Volume Of Carriage:12.5m3
  • Height from the ground:1040mm
  • Fill Capacity:1.75m3
  • Drain tank volume:350L+228L(main+vice)
  • loading cycle time:
  • The loading Angle of the loader:
  • Hydraulic system rated pressure:19.6MPa
  • Carriage Dimension(L*W*H):

XZJ5160ZYS CompressedGarbagetruck

1. Good Sealing of the Vehicle. Xugong Brand XZJ5160ZYS compression garbage truck boxstructure adopts a fully sealed design. The sewage tank at the back of themounted part is used to store the sewage generated after the compression.Through the application of key technology and high-quality sealing materials, thephenomena of running, dripping, and leaking have been thoroughly solved, which thoroughlyavoids secondary pollution in the process of the garbage compressionloading and transferring. Mainly reflectingin the following aspects:

Sealedbody with front and rear door design technology prevents sewage and odorleakage.

Water baffledesign technology effectively prevents splashing of the foul solution in theprocess of compression.

The sink design technology effectively prevents the foul solutionfrom leaking to the ground after aging of the sealing strip.

Centralized sewage diversion design technology diverts all the foulsolution to the drain tank

Theautomatic anti-lock hook and the triple special CR neoprene seal strip U-to-topdesign technology make the connection between the compartment and the loadermore stable and strengthen the sealing performance of the box.

2Compared with the track placed on the base plate of thetrunk, the slide way structure of the push plate is bilateral trough typetrack, which has the advantages of high rigidity of the track, good stability,no deformation of the base plate, stable movement of the push plate, cleanunloading of rubbish, reliable operation, etc.. Sliders of push plate are madeof high-strength wear-resistant steel plate.

3Adopting roller and nylon oriented mechanism, the slideroriented device is of good performance, wear-resistance, high-strength andself-lubrication. The movement of the nylon plate in the slide way depends onthe four sets of imported high density polyethylene oriented support sliders,which reduces the sliding resistance and the kinematic pair wear compared withthe rigid sliders commonly used in China, such as bearing steel. In particular,compared with the domestic plastic slider used by peers, high-densitypolyethylene slider is wear-resistant; there is no need to take replacement undernormal maintenance.

4Adopting PLC (programmable logic controller) integratedcontrol, the control circuit is generated in the PLC, and uses a logic circuitto ensure that all the operating instructions are executed in sequence. The externalcircuit connection reduces the failure rate, avoids accidents caused bymisoperation and increases reliability; safety control facilities are requiredto install. The operation can be stopped under any circumstance and in any place,ensuring the safety of operators and equipment.

5Compared with the high-pressure system with the constantpressure of the whole system which is widely used in China, the optimizedhydraulic system with the medium and variable pressure has the advantages offast dynamic response, small internal heat loss, high work efficiency, short operationcycle time and being easy to operate, especially reliable work, low failurerate;

6High Safety. With multiple safety protection devices, the vehicle isequipped with16 safety protection devices and multiple safety warning signs, andthe control components are all high-quality products from abroad, andstructural and other components adopt high-quality products.



Product model


Chassis model


Engine model

B190 33

Rated power


Curb mass

9350kg (no feeding device, tipping bucket, bucket shape)

Total mass


Rated mass

6255 kg (no feeding device, tipping bucket, bucket shape)

Overall dimension(L×W×H)

8500mm (no feeding device, tipping bucket, bucket shape)×2500mm×2965 mm

Wheel base

4500 mm

Rave rail (hopper) volume


Rave rail (hopper) dimension (width)

1680 mm

Clearance of rave rail (hopper) (unloaded)


Compress mode

bi-directional compression

Effective volume of garbage tank


Drain tank volume

350L+228Lmain +vice

Hydraulic system rated pressure


Operating mode

Automatic operation/ operation by hand or by electricity/manual operation/remote operation

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