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XCMG Official Manufacturer 8 tons Sprinkler Cleaning Truck XZJ5180GQXQ5 for sale

XCMG Official Manufacturer 8 tons Sprinkler Cleaning Truck XZJ5180GQXQ5 for sale
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XCMG Official Manufacturer 8 tons Sprinkler Cleaning Truck XZJ5180GQXQ5 for sale
  • Product
  • Summary
  • Details
  • Overall Dimension(L*W*H):8535×2500×2930 mm
  • Weight:18000 kg
  • Model Number: XZJ5180GQXQ5
  • Brand Name:XCMG
  • Place of Origin:China
  • Certification:CE/ISO9001
  • Product Name:357636-XZJ5180GQXQ5
  • Display online time:2019-11-07
  • weight:18000.000kg
  • After-sales Service Provided:Engineers available to service machinery overseas
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Condition:NEW
  • Moving Type:wheel
  • Chassis Model:Qingling QL1180VMFRY
  • Engine model:4HK1-TC50
  • Engine power rating:151 kW
  • Fuel type:0~-10 diesel
  • Tire:11.00R20 16PR
  • Type of Low pressure water pump:Two stage impeller centrifugal type
  • Model of Low pressure water pump:65QZB-50/110N
  • Lift of Low pressure water pump:110 m
  • Rotate speed of Low pressure water pump:1480 r/min
  • Water valve:Pneumatic ball valve
  • Model of Electrical System:One-way dc
  • Battery of Electrical System:6-QW-100MF
  • Working speed:Ⅰfile7:Ⅱfile14
  • Effective water tank volume:13.8 m³
  • Front wheelbase:1880 mm
  • Rear wheelbase:1860 mm
  • Curb mess:8745 kg
  • Total mess:18000 kg
  • Maximum speed:90 km/h
  • Maximum climbing Angle:13°
  • Braking distance:≤10 m
  • Minimum turning diameter:<16 m
  • Fuel consumption for driving:21.5 L/100km
  • Approach angle:13°
  • Minimum ground clearance:11°
  • Departure angle:248 mm
  • Low pressure sprinkler flow:600~800 L/min
  • Low pressure washing width:≥24 m
  • Water gun ranges:38 m

XZJ5180GQXQ5 Sprinkler Cleaning Truck

1The original second-class automobile chassis (DPF) of Qinglin is adopted and the high-power special sprinkler pump is configured

A) use Isuzu original second-class chassis, carrying capacity is strong, flexible operation, the appearance of the atmosphere, the chassis is equipped with DPF tail gas treatment technology at the same time, meet the higher emission standards, can provide customers with safe and efficient and reliable service. At the same time, according to customer requirements, select other manufacturers chassis.

B) equipped with a high-power special sprinkler pump with a flushing width greater than 24m. It is convenient and quick to use, compared with similar sprinkler pumps with high pressure, long suction range, low energy consumption, low failure rate and long service life.

C) overcome the disadvantages of other sprinkler pumps, which are easy to get entangled in debris, low pressure and slow water absorption.

2centralized control of electricity, liquid and gas can complete low-pressure cleaning, multi-directional and multi-angle spraying, and realize emergency firefighting function

A) the vehicle has a good man-machine operation interface, convenient and flexible operation, and the driver can complete all kinds of operations in the driving room, with safe and comfortable operation.

B) can be rushed forward and sprinkle, lateral jet, after tanks with working platform, the platform is installed on greening spraying gun, spraying gun can be 360 ° rotate, can continuous adjustable straight at shape, heavy rain, light rain, drizzle, meet the demand of different working conditions.

C) install the fire control interface, which can be filled with water through the fire hydrant, can be used for emergency fire control operation, and can also be used as a mobile pump station. It can flexibly change the operation mode to meet all operation requirements.

3the cross section of the tank body of the cleaning vehicle is oval, the effective physical volume of the tank body is large, and there are manholes in the top of the tank body

A) tanks of the cross-section shape are oval, adopts Q345 high qualified steel plate welding and become, to adopt advanced technology for butt welding of tank, stretched and welding, shot peening after welding, internal do special anticorrosive processing of tank, the tank has high strength, center of gravity, strong and durable, vehicle transport security balance, etc.

B) the tank has a large effective physical volume, a long working time, no need to add water frequently, and a high working efficiency.

C) the manhole on the top of the tank can be used not only as the inlet and outlet of the staff for in-tank maintenance, but also as the water adding hole for water injection into the tank.

4tank with internal washboard, equipped with level gauge head position

A) the interior of the tank is separated by multi-edge anti-wave plate, which can effectively reduce the impact of the liquid in the tank on the breaking part of the tank during vehicle driving;

B) the upper and lower parts of the anti-wave plate are provided with guide holes for media circulation;

C) the anti-wave plate is provided with a hole for the convenience of maintenance personnel, and a welded rigid connection form is adopted between the baffle and the tank body. 

D) at the tank sealing head, a level meter with organic glass is installed to monitor the water level inside the tank in real time.

5provide different optional configurations

A) the cleaning vehicle can install the guardrail cleaning device to carry out the guardrail cleaning operation.

B) the washing car can be equipped with self-priming function.




Working speed


I file 7: II file 14

Low pressure sprinkler flow



Low pressure washing width



Water gun ranges



Effective water tank volume



Maximum speed



Maximum climbing Angle



Braking distance



Min. turning diameter



Fuel consumption for driving



Curb mass



Total mass



Overall dimensions






Wheel base

Front wheel



Rear wheel



Approach angle



Departure angle



Min. ground clearance



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