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XCMG Official Manufacturer 8 tons Sprinkler Cleaning Truck XZJ5181GQXD5 for sale

XCMG Official Manufacturer 8 tons Sprinkler Cleaning Truck XZJ5181GQXD5 for sale
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XCMG Official Manufacturer 8 tons Sprinkler Cleaning Truck XZJ5181GQXD5 for sale
  • Product
  • Summary
  • Details
  • Overall Dimension(L*W*H):9372×2550×2960 mm/8407×2500×2960 mm
  • Weight:18000 kg
  • Model Number: XZJ5181GQXD5
  • Brand Name:XCMG
  • Place of Origin:China
  • Certification:CE/ISO9001
  • Product Name:357636-XZJ5181GQXD5
  • Display online time:2019-11-07
  • weight:18000.000kg
  • After-sales Service Provided:Engineers available to service machinery overseas
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Condition:NEW
  • Moving Type:wheel
  • Chassis Model:DFH1180BX1V
  • Tank form:The ellipse
  • Tank volume:11.7 m³
  • Wheelbase:4500 mm
  • Curb mess:9085 kg,8745 kg
  • Rated payload:8720 kg,9060 kg
  • Total mess:18000 kg
  • Maximum speed:98 km/h
  • Approach/departure angle:10°/11°,12°/11°
  • Sweeping width:2.5~3.5 m
  • Spray Angle:±30°
  • Maximum cleaning water pressure:13 MPa
  • Cleaning water flow:160 L/min
  • Spray flow:160 L/min
  • Low pressure water flow.:600~800 L/min
  • Low pressure fush width:≥24 m
  • Gun range:36 m
  • Sprinkler way:Front, back, side spray

XZJ5181GQXD5 Sprinkler Cleaning Truck

   Dongfeng original Category II automotive chassis and Hangzhou Weilong highpower water spray pump are adopted.

1. Dongfeng originalCategory II automotive chassis is adopted. It is featured by strong carryingcapacity, flexible operation and a beautiful appearance, capable of providingthe customers with safe, efficient and reliable services. At the same time, thechassis produced by other manufacturers can also be selected according to thecustomer requirements.

2. Hangzhou Weilong highpower water spray pump (ranked the first in the national quality appraisal) isprovided. Internationally leading techniques are adopted. The washing width is≥24m. Compared with similar water spray pumps, it has the following advantages:convenient use, large pressure, long suction distance, low energy consumption,low failure rate and long service life.

3. It can overcome thedisadvantages of other water spray pumps (such as easiness to be entangled bysunders, small pressure and slow water absorption).

   Centralized control of power, liquid and gas, capable of finishinghigh-pressure washing, dust suppression and multi-azimuth & multi-anglespraying, and capable of realizing the function of emergent fire fighting

1. The vehicle is providedwith a good man-machine operation interface. It is of convenient and flexibleoperation. The driver can finish various operations in the cab. It is safe andcomfortable.

2. It is capable of frontshooting (spraying), rear spraying and side spraying. A working platform isattached to the rear part of the tank, on which a greening sprinkler gun isinstalled. The sprinkler gun can be rotated by 360°. Moreover, it can becontinuously adjusted into direct washing, heavy rain, light rain and drizzle,meeting the demands of different working conditions.

3. A fire coupling isinstalled. Water can be filled through the fire hydrant. It is capable ofemergency fire-fighting operation. Additionally, it can also be used as amovable pump station. The operation mode can be flexibly changed to meetdifferent operation demands.

   Thecross section is oval for the tank of the cleaning vehicle. The tank isprovided with a large effective physical volume. Besides, a manhole isavailable on the top of the tank.

1. The cross-sectionshape is oval for the tank. The tank is made of 4mm Q345B carbon steel plate.Anti-rust paint and decorative paint are applied on the external surface of thetank. Advanced butt welding technology is adopted in the tank. After welding,the tank shall be subject to shot blasting detection, enabling the tank to havethe following features: high strength, stable center of gravity, solidness,endurance and safe & balanced vehicle transportation.

2. The tank has a largeeffective physical volume, long one-off working time and high work efficiency.It is unnecessary for frequent water filling.

3. The manhole on thetank top can be used as the entrance/exit for in-tank overhaul as well as awater filling port.

   Swashplate is arranged on the tank. A level gauge is installed at the end socket.

1. The tank inside isseparated with swash plate, preventing the liquid in the tank from impactingthe tank head.

2. A diversion hole isopened both at the upper part and the lower part of the swash plate, which isused for medium circulation.

3. A manhole is arrangedon the swash plate, making it convenient for overhaul. The mode of weldingrigid connection is adopted between the baffle and the tank.

4. An organic glass liquid level gauge isinstalled at the end socket of the tank, which is used to monitor the waterlevel in real time.



Chassis model


Tank form

The ellipse

Vehicle size


(With front sprinkler-high pressure cleaning car)


(Without front sprinkler-low pressure cleaning car)

Tank volume

11.7 m3



Curb mess


Rated payload


Total mess


Maximum speed

98 km/h

Approach/departure angle


Sweeping width


Spray Angle

30° (left and right)

Max. cleaning water pressure

13 MPa

Cleaning water flow


Spray flow


Low pressure water flow.


Low pressure fush width


Gun range


Sprinkler way

Front, back, side spray

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