Xuxiang S(B)H15 Amorphous alloy distribution transformer

  • Xuxiang S(B)H15 Amorphous alloy distribution transformer

Xuxiang S(B)H15 Amorphous alloy distribution transformer

Xuxiang S(B)H15 Amorphous alloy distribution transformer
Xuxiang S(B)H15 Amorphous alloy distribution transformer

Xuxiang S(B)H15 Amorphous alloy distribution transformer

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Xuxiang S(B)H15 Amorphous alloy distribution transformer


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  • weight:111.000kg
  • Warranty Period:3 Months
  • Certification:CE/ISO9001
  • Condition:New

Packaging & Shipping

  • Delivery Lead Time:7 days for ready goods
  • Minimum Order:1 Piece
  • Supply Ability:10,000 Set/ Sets per Month
  • Total Quantity In Stock:Over 5000
  • Delivery Port:Any Port In China

Product Introduction

Amorphous alloy core has such a lot of advantages as low loss (equivalent to 1/3-1/5 of silicon steel sheet), low coercive force, low excitation current and good stability against temperature change. Therefore transformers made of amorphous alloy has significantly good performance in energy saving, particularly suitable for low load uses like rural areas and developing regions. SH15 amorphous alloy transformer, of which the core adopts three phases three poles or three phase five poles cores, core clamping uses sheet forming frame structure, low voltage coil adopts foil winding type, giving the transformer advantages including low loss, strong resistance to short circuit, advanced structure and world advanced performance.


Product Features

1. Magnetic material of the core is amorphous alloy. Since that amorphous alloy has no crystal structure while having soft magnetism, the magnetic hysteresis loop is very narrow, magnetizing power is low, resistivity is high and eddy current loss is small, no-load loss and current of transformers made from this kind of material are both very low. The load loss of S(B)H15 amorphous transformers is equivalent to that of S11 normal oil transformer series while no-load loss of the former is about 65% lower than that of the latter and no-load current about 70% lower, making average annual operation cost of the amorphous S(B)H15 series about 30% lower than the S11 series.

2. The low voltage winding is usually made into a cylinder wound by copper foil while the high voltage winding often adopts a multi-layer cylinder structure so that the ampere-turn can evenly distribute with low magnetic leakage. The high and low voltage windings are wound together by tension device into square coils which are solidified into a whole through hot compression shaping to increase mechanical force and resistance to short circuit of the windings.


3. The totally-sealed structure prevents the insulating oil and insulating medium from contacting with air. Added with the craftsmanship of vacuum drying and oil filtration, there is no need to change oil in normal situations, greatly reducing the maintenance cost and prolonging the mechanical life of the transformer. What’s more, the transformer can be operated in wet environment, making it an ideal power distribution facility in urban and rural distribution network.   


Technical Parameters

Rated capacity (kVA) Voltage combination Connection symbol No-load loss (W) Load loss (W) No-load current (%) Short -circuit impedence (%) Weight
HV (kV) HV tapping range (%) LV (kV) Oil Weight Cross Weight
50 6 6.3 10 10.5 11 土5 土2X2_5 0.4 YynO Dynll 43 870 1.3 4 160 710
63 50 1040 1.2 160 750
80 60 1250 1.1 170 810
100 75 1500 1 180 870
125 85 1800 0.9 190 940
160 100 2200 0.7 210 1050
200 120 2600 0.7 230 1140
250 140 3050 0.7 260 1290
315 170 3650 0.5 280 1500
400 200 4300 0.5 330 1710
500 240 5150 0.5 370 1960
630 320 6200 0.3 4.5 430 2250
800 380 7500 0.3 480 2730
1000 450 10300 0.3 620 3300
1250 530 12000 0.2 730 3560
1600 630 14500 0.2 860 3830
Notice: As for three phase transformers of which the rated capacity is no more than 500kVA, load loss values before oblique lines in the table are suitable for Dyn11connection group while those after oblique lines for Yyn0. 


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