Xuxiang S11-M•RL、 S13-M•RL Series Three-dimensional Wound Core Oil-immersed Power Transformer

  • Xuxiang S11-M•RL、 S13-M•RL Series Three-dimensional Wound Core Oil-immersed Power Transformer

Xuxiang S11-M•RL、 S13-M•RL Series Three-dimensional Wound Core Oil-immersed Power Transformer

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Xuxiang S11-M•RL、 S13-M•RL Series Three-dimensional Wound Core Oil-immersed Power Transformer


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  • weight:111.000kg
  • Warranty Period:3 Months
  • Certification:CE/ISO9001
  • Condition:New

Product Introduction

The transformer abandons the traditional planar structure. Three-phase magnetic circuit is symmetrical and three-phase current is balanced. Thus, it has smaller volume, lighter weight, less material consumption, higher utilization ratio of core material, higher reliability and longer service life.

The winding of the core material is carried out by a dedicated winding machine, which can be automatically and accurately tilted by 30°, ensuring a good fit of the single frame. This kind of winding can minimize the quality fluctuations arising from manual laminating, stacking, and dismantling the yoke, and can save human resources, and raise labor productivity.

The three-phase magnetic circuit is seamless. The flux direction is completely consistent with crystal oriented silicon steel sheet. Therefore, The no-load loss, no-load current and noise are greatly reduced.


Product Features

1. Low loss & obvious energy-saving effect


(1) The magnetization direction of three-dimensional wound core is completely consistent with the rolling direction of silicon steel sheet. The flux is equally distributed throughout magnetic circuit, without gap between iron layers, obvious high resistance areas and distortion of the magnetic flux density of joints. On the premise of the same material, the core loss coefficient of the winding core is reduced from 1.3-1.5 to about 1.05 compared with that of the laminated core, which can reduce the core loss by 10-20%.

(2) The material used by the iron yoke of the three-dimensional wound core is reduced by 25% compared with that of the traditional laminated core, and the reduced angular weight accounts for about 6% of the total.


(3) The shearing treatment of silicon steel sheet will make its magnetic properties deteriorate. The three-dimensional wound core is treated with vacuum nitrogen annealing at high temperature (800 ℃), which not only eliminates the mechanical stress of the core, but also refines the magnetic domain of silicon steel sheet and improves the secondary crystallization capacity of silicon steel sheet, so that the performance of silicon steel sheet is much better than that of delivery.


(4) Because of the above characteristics, no-load loss and no-load current of three-dimensional wound core oil-immersed power transformer is 25% and 70% respectively lower than those of S11-M·RL series, 45% and 80% respectively lower than those of S13-M·RL series in compliance with the national standard GB/T6451-2008 “Technical Parameters and Requirements for Oil-immersed Power Transformer”.

2. Low noise

The three-dimensional core is wound uninterrupted in the core winding machine with silicon steel strips. There are no seams so that no noise will be produced. Furthermore, the three-phase magnetic circuit and magnetic flux are completely symmetrical, and the design of the working flux density is reasonable, so the noise of the product is greatly lowered.

3. Strong ability to withstand short circuit

The transformer body is triangular prism in shape, and its periphery and the center are provided with a pull screw, which is integrated with the upper and lower iron yoke and the laminated wood block. Thus, it can effectively resist the axial and radial mechanical stress during the sudden short circuit.

4. Compact structure & small occupied area

The three-dimensional core brings compact structure and reasonable layout. The surface area of the body is 10% to15% less than the traditional product and body height is reduced by 10% to 20%. if installed in the prefabricated substation, the substation volume can reduce by nearly a quarter.


Technical Parameters

30 6,6.3,10,10.5,11 ±5,±2×2.5 0.4 Dyn11,Yyn0 80 630/600 0.3 4.5 178 113 377
50 100 900/870 0.24 236 111 435
80 130 1310/1250 0.22 313 146 553
100 150 1580/1500 0.21 356 148 607
160 200 2310/2200 0.19 484 185 797
200 240 2730/2600 0.18 556 228 937
250 290 3200/3050 0.17 655 263 1091
315 340 3830/3650 0.16 769 274 1269
400 410 4520/4300 0.16 896 323 1437
500 480 5140/5100 0.16 1044 433 1872

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