Xuxiang S11-M•ZT On-load Automatic Capacity-regulating Power Transformer

  • Xuxiang S11-M•ZT On-load Automatic Capacity-regulating Power Transformer


Xuxiang S11-M•ZT On-load Automatic Capacity-regulating Power Transformer

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Xuxiang S11-M•ZT On-load Automatic Capacity-regulating Power Transformer



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  • Weight:111.000kg
  • Warranty Period:3 Months
  • Certification:CE/ISO9001
  • Condition:New

Product Introduction

SZ11-M·T on-load automatic capacity-regulating power transformer has two levels of rated capacity- the large and the small. Without power cut of the transformer, the two levels can be automatically chosen by the on-load capacity-regulating switch after automatically tested by the capacity-regulating controller.

Product Features

1. Good Performance of Loss Reducing and Energy Saving

(1) The load factor is elevated from 30~40% up to 70~80%, greatly increasing the transformer’s operation efficiency and reducing loss.

(2) No-load loss declines by about 50%, reactive loss of the power supply grid by over 20% and loss of the reactive lines by over 20%.

2. Low Engineering Cost

Comparing with installation of a main transformer and a sub-transformer, installation of a capacity-regulating transformer of the same capacity can save one platform, one metering box, one set of drop fuse and other facilities such as cross arm and lightning arrestor, hence the engineering cost is significantly reduced.


3. Flexible Power Supply Modes, Stable Working and Simple Operation.

The two capacity levels can be adjusted with no excitation according to the load status and operation units can be conveniently changed according to the status of load and voltage of the power grid, keeping the transformer operating in an economical status while remaining stable.


Technical Parameters

Voltage combination No-load current (%) Short -circuit impedence (%)
Rated capacity (kVA) HV (kV) HV tapping range (%) LV (kV) Connection symbol No-load loss (W) Load loss (W)
160(50)         400(170) 2585(870) 1.6(0.9)  
200(63)         480(200) 3060(1040) 1.5(0.9)  
250(80) 10       560(250) 3600(1250) 1.4(0.7) 4.0 (4.0)
315(100) 10.5 土5 0.4 Dynll YynO 670(290) 4320(1500) 1.4(0.7)
400(125) 11     800(340) 5220(1800) 1.3(0.6)  
500(160)         960(400) 6210(2200) 1.2(0.6)  
630(200)         1200(470) 7650(2600) 1.1(0.5) 4.5 (4.0)

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