Xuxiang S13-M-30~1600/10 Series 10kV Oil-immersed Full-sealed Distribution Transformer

  • Xuxiang S13-M-30~1600/10 Series 10kV Oil-immersed Full-sealed Distribution Transformer

Xuxiang S13-M-30~1600/10 Series 10kV Oil-immersed Full-sealed Distribution Transformer

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Xuxiang S13-M-30~1600/10 Series 10kV Oil-immersed Full-sealed Distribution Transformer


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  • weight:111.000kg
  • Warranty Period:3 Months
  • Certification:CE/ISO9001
  • Condition:New

Product Introduction

As the urban and rural power grid construction and renovation projects continue to deepen and improve, and China’s demand for energy efficiency is increasing, our company developed S13-M-30~1600/10 series three-phase oil-immersed full-sealed distribution transformer according to the current state power grid renovation and the market demand. The series of products have the advantages of remarkable energy saving, advanced technology, reasonable structure, good electrical and mechanical performance, reliable operation, and so on.


Product Features

The transformer core adopts laminated structure, which is the traditional structure of transformer in China as well as the prevailing core structure worldwide. Wound by paper-wrapped flat copper wire or enamelled wire, the high voltage winding adopts a multi-layer cylinder structure. The diamond dotted paper of high density and purity is used for interlayer insulation. Reasonable arrangement of oil duct can help dissipate heat. The HV winding is directly wound on the LV winding and the outermost layer is packed with tight belt. Both ends of the windings are wrapped with weftless tape so as to enhance the mechanical strength of the windings and improve the ability to withstand short circuit.

The LV winding uses paper-wrapped flat copper wire structure. As the copper wire in the arc is more elastic during winding, the tension of the copper wire must be sufficient to tighten the winding. The copper wire needs forging on the flat plates to ensure that the radial deviation is under control. The radial dimensions need measuring upon completion of winding. Those with excessive deviation are corrected with sizing equipment. The inside of the winding is supported by wooden mould, preventing the winding from deformation.


Technical Parameters

tapping range
30 6,6.3,10,10.5,11 ±5,±2×2.5 0.4 Dyn11,Yyn0 80 630/600 0.3 4.5 178 113 377
50 100 900/870 0.24 236 111 435
80 130 1310/1250 0.22 313 146 553
100 150 1580/1500 0.21 356 148 607
160 200 2310/2200 0.19 484 185 797
200 240 2730/2600 0.18 556 228 937
250 290 3200/3050 0.17 655 263 1091
315 340 3830/3650 0.16 769 274 1269
400 410 4520/4300 0.16 896 323 1437
500 480 5140/5100 0.16 1044 433 1872

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