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Mini Loader
Only 4 units 1.5 ton mini loaders LW156FV: $11,600
Backhoe loader
Only 1 unit 2.5 ton Backhoe loader WZ30-25: $37,270
Medium and Large Tonnage Loader, backhoe loader, telehander
Get free maintenance parts value at $500 for each equipment with any purchase of wheel loader of tonnage from 3 to 14 ton, backhoe loader or telehandler
Mini Loader, Skid Steer Loader
Get free maintenance parts value at $300 for each equipment with any purchase of mini loader or skid steer loader
Only $139 for each 3 ton hand pallet truck(buy over 6 units)
Only $849 for each 1.5 ton electric pallet truck(buy over 10 units)
Buy one get one free!!!
Get 1 unit three tonnage hand pullet truck with purchase of 1 unit electric forklifts of tonnage from 1.5 to  3.5 ton
Wheel Loader
  • XCMG small loaders are suitable for ports, docks, stations, freight yards, grain yards, paper mills, biological power plants, municipal construction, greening and other narrow working sites. It features advance, reliability, energy-saving, high-efficiency, comfort and convenience.
  • XCMG provides full life-cycle after-sales service for wheel loader.
XCMG small loaders own K series and F series.
The K series are high-end models with reliable quality and suitable for heavy load conditions.
The F series is an economi-cal model, suitable for light load with maneuverability and flexibility.
Backhoe Loader
  • XCMG backhoe loader can be equipped with a variety of attachments to complete digging, shoveling, road crushing, leveling the site, digging ditches, laying pipelines and other operations, which can widely used in farmland water conservancy, construction, municipal sanitation, highway maintenance, post and telecommunications and a series of engineering construction.
  • XCMG provides full life-cycle after-sales service for backhoe loaders.
XCMG backhoe loader has three models: XC870K, XC870HK and WZ30-25.
XC870K is popular with customers in South America
XC870HK is suitable for West Asia, North Africa
The WZ25-30 is a classic model, widely used in Africa and Southeast Asia.
Skid Steer Loader
  • XCMG skid steer loader can be equipped with various attachments, which is also of great durability, long life cycle and remarkable economic benefits.It is an ideal tool for road construction, municipal maintenance, dock loading and unloading, garden maintenance and pasture production.
  • XCMG provides full life-cycle after-sales service for skid steer loader.
XCMG Skid Steer Loader Series:
XCMG conventional skid steer loader models are XC740K,XC750K,XC770K.
The CE certified models are XC760K, XC7-SV12.
  • XCMG  conventional telehandler is mainly used for loading, unloading and handling of small and medium tonnage goods in industries such as industry, construction, agriculture, forestry, etc., suitable for a variety of material handling scenarios.
  • XCMG telehandler has the advantages of simple and flexible operation, accurate fork transport, stable forward with load, small turning radius under four-wheel drive condition, super cross-country performance and high operating efficiency.Various attachments can be quickly replaced or hooked up to meet the needs of different operations.
  • XCMG provides full life-cycle after-sales service for telehandler.
XCMG is the largest manufacturer of telehandlers in China.
XCMG conventional tele- handler covers 3 tons to 4.5 tons in tonnage, and work heights cover 6 to 17 meters.
Heavy-duty telehandler has a tonnage ranging from 6 tons to 23 tons, and a work- ing height ranging from 8 meters to 10 meters.
  • XCMG forklifts have a wide range of applications, widely used in manufacturing, medicine, electronics, food, textiles, warehousing and logistics, leasing, construction and other industries.
XCMG forklifts cover ele- ctric forklifts, diesel fork- lifts, storage forklifts and counterbalanced forklifts.
Electric forklifts: 1.5 - 3.5 Ton
Diesel forklifts: 2 - 15 Ton
Storage forklifts: 1.2 - 3 Ton
Counterbalanced forklifts:  16 - 46 Ton
  • XCMG generator are suitable for manufacturing, construction engineering, mining and metallurgy, earthquake relief, etc.Power range is 64-800KW.