XCMG's Down Hole Drilling Rigs Achieve 416 Meters of Daily Progress in African Copper Mines

2024-06-21 11:42:35

Recently, XCMG down hole drilling rig came to the open pit mine in Africa to inject new power for the development of local open pit mine resources.

The project is an open-pit copper mine, with a drilling diameter of 152mm and a depth of 16m, and the stratum mainly consists of coarse sand, medium sand, clay, strongly weathered chert, moderately weathered chert, and half-rock, which can lead to deviation of the holes and jamming of the drills if the driller is not careful. The complex construction environment puts forward higher requirements on the performance of the products.

This is the first time for the local African customer to undertake a mining drilling project. After many comparisons, XCMG finally decided to use the XCMG drilling machine. This is also the strongest proof of "XCMG" brand influence in the African continent.

XCMG XQZ152 down hole drilling rig adopts international first-class power system configuration, equipped with first-class air compressor and XCMG drilling expert system, which has strong power, high construction efficiency, and saves more than 15% of fuel consumption compared with traditional drilling rigs.

After nearly half a month of construction, XCMG XQZ152 down hole drilling rig lived up to the expectation, the drilling rig worked for 8 hours a day on average, drilling 320m a day on average, and the highest one day drilled 416m, which was well received by the customer and the person in charge of the site!

As an efficient and multi-functional engineering machinery and equipment, XCMG down-hole drilling rig is mainly applicable to drilling and blasting works in open-pit mines and quarries. In this continent of Africa, which is rich in mineral resources and has urgent infrastructural needs, the entry of XCMG down-hole drilling rigs will inject a new impetus to the development of local open-pit mine resources.

Through continuous innovation of localized services and cooperation with local partners, XCMG will continue to promote more complete sets of equipment in the international market and help global customers create value for money!

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