XCMG Second-hand Cranes Exported in Batches !

2024-01-31 15:21:20


On the afternoon of January 22nd, the launch ceremony for the batch export of XCMG second-hand cranes was grandly held, welcoming a successful start. Nearly 100 employees and customer representatives attended the event.

At the departure site, large tonnage all terrain cranes are arranged in a row and are gradually being shipped to overseas markets. This departure is an important measure taken by XCMG E-commerce and XCMG Heavy Industries to actively promote the transformation and upgrading of their industries, jointly explore the overseas secondary mobile phone market, and connect the domestic and international circulation of second hand machines.

Deeply cultivating the post market of construction machinery, especially the business models of remanufacturing and exchanging old for new mobile phones, will effectively help establish a service-oriented ecosystem for construction machinery. XCMG Heavy Industries, through its mature engineering machinery remanufacturing system, carries out high-quality maintenance and refurbishment of mobile phones; XCMG E-commerce utilizes cross-border platforms and the online traffic promotion matrix of second tier mobile phones to quickly reach overseas end customers and achieve precise online matching between overseas buyers and domestic second hand machine resources.

Next, XCMG E-commerce will continuously enhance its ability to extend its main value chain through service-oriented services, fully leverage XCMG's mature engineering machinery remanufacturing capabilities, continue to carry out online promotion of second-hand cranes, meet the diversified and differentiated needs of overseas customers, and promote the ecological development of second-hand machinery's domestic and foreign large-scale circulation business.

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