Why XC998 Attracts Many Fans in European Marble Mining area ?

2024-01-31 15:18:27


Recently, the first XCMG XC998 marble mining loader was delivered to a European customer, becoming a strong representative of the local mining area. Strong power, stable and reliable, as well as energy-saving and environmentally friendly, XCMG XC998 has gained a strong following in the local market.

Core configuration

XC998 quick change fork loader  focuses on special research and development of marble mining conditions, with core configurations using powerful components such as Euro 5 standard engines and reinforced wet bridges. At the same time, this model applies load sensitive variable technology, which can reduce energy consumption by about 10%. It can provide stable and reliable strong power, while also being energy-saving and environmentally friendly, creating more value for customers.

Working device

In terms of working equipment, a quick change mechanism is specially configured to achieve easy and fast switching between forks, buckets, and other tools. Equipped with fork teeth, it can meet the requirements for the shovel transportation of 25 ton large stone materials. After replacing the bucket, it can be used for the shovel loading operation of bulk materials, with multiple uses for one machine. Whether it is the handling of large marble blocks or the precise shovel loading construction, XCMG XC998 quick change fork loader demonstrates strong adaptability and efficiently completes operational tasks.


Customer feedback

At the delivery site, the local test drive operator gave XC998 XCMG high praise: The XCMG loader is very easy to operate and I am very surprised that the working tools can be quickly replaced. This meets the operational needs of different working conditions, which is surprising!

The person in charge of the local stone factory highly recognizes XCMG and looks forward to further cooperation: The trust in XCMG comes from seeing XCMG's serious attitude towards product details and its focus on sticking to its original aspiration. XCMG conducted a very in-depth investigation of our factory in the early stage, and the products have excellently solved the problems encountered by similar equipment from other companies in the past.

While providing high-quality products, XCMG always puts customer satisfaction first. Before delivery, XCMG service engineers conduct on-site operation training and answer questions to ensure that they learn well, and dispatch dedicated service engineers to provide 24-hour support, ensuring that customers have no worries.

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