DLS885-9M wheel excavator

  • DLS885-9M wheel excavator
  • DLS885-9M wheel excavator
  • DLS885-9M wheel excavator
  • DLS885-9M wheel excavator


DLS885-9M wheel excavator

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DLS885-9M wheel excavator
DLS885-9M wheel excavator
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  • weight:11111.000kg
  • Condition:New
  • Moving Type:Other

DLS885-9M wheel excavator excavator product feature

1.Electrical system: with colorful LCD display, with self-test, monitoring, emergency fault alarm, human-computer interaction and good, high-profile electrical control software, higher reliability.

2.Power system: advanced turbocharged engine exhaust enough power reserves, it is possible to maximize the power of the engine to achieve the perfect match, reducing power losses.
3.Hydraulic system: imported international brands hydraulic parts, power loss, fast action, complex motor coordination, high efficiency and energy saving, reliability and long service life.
4.Walking System: use heavier type front and rear drive axle, gearbox, providing higher carrying capacity.
5.Cab: new style cab, new interior design, vision, bright and spacious, humane front gear mechanism, adjustable suspension seat with a high-grade, silicone shock absorption, superior driving environment.

6.Cooling system: parallel cooling installation, installation and removal are easy to clean; it has very high cooling efficiency.

DLS885-9M wheel excavator specification


项目  Item 单位 unit  数据 specification
整机重量  machine weight kg 8000
铲斗容量  bucket capacity  m3 0.3
外形尺寸overall  size  履带接地长度               Length of track on ground mm /
履带长度 Track length mm /
配重离地间隙                 bob-weight clearance ground mm 1035
尾部回转半径          tail rotation radious  mm 1833
尾部长度 tail length  mm 2057
上部宽度  up height  mm 2060
总高度(驾驶室顶) total height (top of cabin ) mm 2835
最小离地间隙      min clearance ground  mm 318
轮胎距离  tires distance  mm 1678
车轮轴距  wheelbase  mm 2600
上部轨轮 upper rail wheel /
下部轨轮  lower rail wheel /
动臂长度  boom length  mm 3500
斗杆长度  arm length  mm 2000
总长 total length  mm 6442
履带板宽度  Track width mm /
总宽度  total width  mm 2150
整机性能参数  specification  发动机 engine  型号(品牌)  model brand  / 4D32ZG31
形式 type  / 水冷/增压            water cooling/pressurize 
缸径*行程 Bore * trip mm ¢98/105
活塞排量 The piston displacement L 3.168
额定功率  rated power  kw/rpm 55KW/2500rpm
 Maximum torque
N.m/rpm 250/1800
液压系统  hydraulic system 型号(液压泵)  model hydraulic pump  齿轮泵*2 gear   pump *2   SGP1A27A2H9-岛津    SGP1A27A2H9-Shimadzu
额定排量 rated displacement  ml/r 27+27
先导压力  The forerunner of pump Mpa 3.5
主阀 main valve  / 派克 Parker
工作压力 Pressure of work MPa 20
额定流量 rated flow  L/min 135
液压油箱 hydraulic oil tank  L 116
燃油箱容量  Fuel tank capacity L 138
作业系统 working  system   回转速度 Rotary speed rpm 10
行走速度 work speed  km/h 0~35
铲斗挖掘力 bucket digging force kN 41.4
斗杆挖掘力 arm digging force  kN 31
最大牵引力 Maximum traction kN 47
爬坡能力 Climbing ability ° 30
接地比压 Ground pressure Kpa /
推土板(宽*高) dump blade   (width*height) mm 2140/310
驻车制动 brake  / 断气刹   automatically air-cut brake
行车系统 brake system  / 气刹 Air brake
工作范围working range 最大挖掘距离 max digging distance  mm 6563
地面最大有效挖掘距离 The ground maximum effective  mining range mm 6588
最大挖掘深度 max digging depth  mm 4660
8英尺水平开挖的最大挖掘深度   The maximum excavation depth of horizontal excavation 8 foot mm /
最大垂直挖掘深度 Maximum vertical excavation depth mm 4488
最大挖掘高度max digging height  mm 6680
最大卸载高度max dumping height  mm 4998
最小回转半径The minimum radius of gyration mm 2467
快换装置 Quick change device    
附带工作装置 Auxiliary equipment    


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DLS885-9M wheel excavatorDLS885-9M wheel excavatorDLS885-9M wheel excavatorDLS885-9M wheel excavatorDLS885-9M wheel excavator

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