Self-propelled Grain Combine Harvester Straw Collection(4LZ-8B1)

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Model: 4LZ-8B1
Engine: yuchai
After-sales Service: Engineers available to service machinery overseas
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After-sales Service:
1. It is recommended that you keep in touch with the seller after purchasing offline...
About after-sales service:
1. It is recommended that you keep in touch with the seller after purchasing offline, who knows your equipment and working conditions and can provide you with more effective after-sales service.

2. If you purchase on, its customer management system will record your customer information, please rest assured to apply for after-sales service.

3. If you can't find the seller, will help you as long as you provide the equipment nameplate and service you want. Please inform us as much information as possible in order to get the most accurate after-sales service.

After-sales service forms:
1. Online service: samples, technical specifications, operation manuals, spare parts purchase.

2. Video service: application guidance, troubleshooting and maintenance guidance.

3. Overseas service: XCMG has a complete global after-sales service team. Please note that if there is no clear after-sales liability clause in the sales contract, we will charge the necessary service fees.
Self-propelled Grain Combine Harvester Straw Collection(4LZ-8B1)


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  • weight:5405.000kg
  • speed:2000r/min
  • type:wheel type


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Product Introduction

The machine has good performance, compact structure, easy operation, safe and reliable. The machine adapts to all the land that machine can handle. The machine is suitable for harvesting of soybean, rice, wheat, sorghum, millet and so on.Adjustable drum speed and special drum machine concave plate, suitable for harvesting of different crops, low grain broken rate.This machine is equipped with a straw collection device,once the full of capacity,will unload itself.

Main Feature

1. Double-layered stepwise sieve for better cleaning, no grass, no chaff.

2. Widen elevator,increase granary, reduce unloading rice times. 

3. Sealed cab, reduce the noise, make the driver feel more comfortable,Reserve a termination to connect air conditioner or fan.
4.Adopt automatic high-level unloading grain tank,which is suitable for different grain transportation vehicles, labor-saving and quickly unloading.

5.With a larger water tank,and a new design radiator cover, to ensure the engine will not be high temperature after a long time working under a harsh environment.

6. Adopt 175HP engine and new transmission components, powerful and durable.

7.Mainly for grain harvest,if change the parts,can also be used to harvest soybean,rape,corn seed,etc.,

8.Famous brand engine,more powerful, more economical, more energy-saving ,also be environmentally friendly.

9.Threshing clean and low grain breakage rate,lowimpurities rate.

Technical parameters: 

Model 4LZ-8B1
Type Wheel type
Wheel 2 drive wheel, 2 direction wheel
Size 6700*3110*3350 mm
NW 5405 Kg
Function Cutting,threshing and collection
Model YC4A175-T300
Power 175HP
Speed 2200 r/min
Style 4 cycle diesel
Cutting width 2680 mm
Feed quantity 8 Kg/s
Work efficiency 0.8-1.2 hm2/h
Oil consumption ≤20 kg/hm2
Drive speed 1.7-22.4 hm/h
Minimum grain height from field 320mm
Grain unloading Mechanical
Grain tank 2000 L
Fuel tank 220 L
Gear box Mechanical
Type Rasp bar
No. of rasp bars: 8
Cylinder diameter 550 mm
Cylinder width 900 mm
Total loss rate for wheat ≤1.2%
Total loss rate for rice ≤3%
Breakage rate ≤1.0%
Impurity rate ≤2.0%

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