XCMG Official XCT12L3 Truck Crane for sale

  • XCMG Official XCT12L3 Truck Crane for sale

XCMG Official XCT12L3 Truck Crane for sale

XCMG Official XCT12L3 Truck Crane for sale
XCMG Official XCT12L3 Truck Crane for sale

XCMG Official XCT12L3 Truck Crane for sale

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XCMG Official XCT12L3 Truck Crane for sale
XCMG Official XCT12L3 Truck Crane for sale
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  • Model Number:XCT12L3
  • Brand Name:XCMG
  • Place of Origin:China
  • Span:7.9m
  • Max. Lifting Height:30.9mm
  • Max. Lifting Load:12t
  • Application:Construction Industry
  • Certification:ISO9001


  • weight:16000.000kg
  • Condition:New
  • Moving Type:Wheel
  • Overall length:10850mm
  • Overall width:2500mm
  • Overall height:3550mm
  • Total weight in travel:16000kg
  • Engine Model:SC7H230Q5
  • Engine rated power:170/2300
  • Engine rated torque:900Nm/1200-1600rpm
  • Driving speed(km/h):2~90
  • Gradability:0.41
  • Min. turning diameter:18m
  • Min. ground clearance:250mm
  • Tires:10.00-20(Standard)/10.00R20(Optional)
  • Base boom:9.4m
  • Max. main boom:23.5m

Packaging & Shipping

  • Delivery Lead Time:7 days for ready goods
  • Minimum Order:1 Piece
  • Supply Ability:10,000 Set/ Sets per Month
  • Total Quantity In Stock:Over 5000
  • Delivery Port:Any Port In China

XCMG Official XCT12L3 Truck Crane for saleXCMG Official XCT12L3 Truck Crane for sale

XCMG Official XCT12L3 Truck Crane for sale

Technical specifications





Designed and manufactured by XCMG, with all covered walking surface, anti-torsion box structure, made of imported high strength steel.


Designed and manufactured by XCMG; Full- covered walking platform, made of high-strength steel


4 outriggers, H-shaped arrangement,

lateral and vertical outrigger controlled

by the hydr-aulic control. Both sides of

the chassis equip-ed with electronic

control console, the console installed

with luminous level, lighting and speed

buttons; outrigger cylinders equipped

with one-way valve, and the vertical

outrigger has two-way hydraulic lock.

Float...(p350mmOutrigger reaction force at max. lifting capacity... 189KN

Hydraulic system

Variable pump driven by chassis engine, used for hoisting, elevating, telescoping and slewing operation. Imported electro-hydraulic direction valve, matching perfectly stably. Air-cooled hydraulic oil cooler, which may effectively reduce the temperature of oil in the system, suction filter and return filter.


SC7H230Q5 , WP6.220E50 , in-line

six-cylinder water-cooled EFI diesel engine, manufactured by Daimler, rated power170/2300,162/2300 , max. torque 900/1200-1600,850/1200-1600„the national V emission standards.

Fuel tank capacity : 200L

Operating mode

Mechanical control


Mechanical transmission with synchronizer from Shanxi Gear, 6 forward gears and 2 reverse gear

Main winch system

Driven by a hydraulic motor, with built-in planetary gear reducer and constant closed brake fitted, Drum with Lebus-type grooving, non-rotating wire rope.


2-axle chassis, 2nd axles fbr driving, 1st axle for steering, high strength load bearing axles designed by foreign advanced technology, with reliable performance.

1st axle: single tire, for steering;

2nd axle: double tire, for driving.

Slewing system

Single-row roller slewing ring with external teeth may continuously slew 3600 after being driven by single-slewing gear arranged at its right side. Each planetary gear slewing reducer is actuated by a hydraulic motor.Power control and free-sliding function are available, and speed may be infinitely regulated.


Hydro-pneumatic suspension is adopted for all axles, providing good shock absorbing effect. Functions of automatic leveling, susp-ension lifting, elastic/rigid state switch-over, etc. are available.

Elevating System

Single-cylinderwith a self-compensating electronic- proportional control balance valve equipped.



10.00R20 ( Optional)

Operator's cab

Ergonomic cab design, with swing-out doors, safety glass, sun visor, adjustable seatsand protective rails equipped. Fan is standard and air-conditioner is optional.


Double circuit, air braking, drum brake.

Service brake: double-circuit air pressure brake, acting on all wheels.

Parking brake: spring energy brake.

Auxiliary brake: engine retarded brake, engine exhaust brake, safe and reliable, which prolongs the service life of brake friction disc.

Safety devices

Hydraulic counterbalance valve;

Hydraulic relief valve; Double-way hydraulic valve;LMI;Spring return system of control levers;Lowering limiter for preventing wire rope from over-releasing;Anti-two block at boom head for preventing wire rope from over-winding.


Mechanical steering system with hydraulic boost.

Fixed counterweight

Total weight of 0.9t.

Driver's Cab

Equipped with four-point connecting

structure, thenew full driver's cab of

steel has open car doors on both sides.

The main drivers can adjust height

automatically. With double seats, the

passenger's seats can be used as simple

sleeper for temporary rest of drivers.

Safe glass with electric lift contributes

to good heat-proof effect. Automatically

adjustable rearview mirror is safe and

convenient. The steering wheel can

adjust the height and angle, which is

suitable for operators of different

heights. LCD, bus control, centralized

information show; and the layout of

center console with new combination is

safe and reasonable which adopts arc

design and represents humanization.

Fixed wiring harness connector save the

space of driver's cab with fixed plug-in

components. Integrated central 

distribution box enhances the reliability

of electric system in driver's cab. The

application of PLC control system

improves the stability of chassis electric

and the efficiency of error

self-diagnosis. It is equipped with

standard CD player and

air-conditioner both for cooling and


Additional equipment

Vice winch


Driven by a hydraulic motor, with built-in planetary gear reducer and constant closed brake fitted.

Drum with Lebus-type grooving, non-rotating wire rope.

Electric system

24V DC, negative grounding, two 12V batteries inseries. Output voltage of generator is 28.5 ± 0.3 V output current is 70A.

Boom system


made of high strength steel. The singlecylinder plus ropes system is used as telescoping system.Boom length8m25.5m



air conditioner in Operator's cab is optional

Single top

Single pulley, fitted on boom head, used

for single line operation.Its lifting

performance is the same as that for

boom, but could not exceed 2100Kg

Fixed jib

Lattice welding structure, with 0° jib offset angles available.

Jib length 7m.

Product parts list is as mentioned above, please refer to the product quotation for specific parts.






Total weight






No. of lines

Weight kg

Dimension mm






Single hook ,Standard





Single hook ,Optional





Working speeds


Working speed

Max. single line pull

Rope diameter/ length

0-130 m/min, single line,4th layer


12mm/140 m

0-3 r/min

Approx. 38s for boom elevation from -2° to 80°

Approx. 58s for boom extension from 9.4m to 23.5m


XCMG Official XCT12L3 Truck Crane for sale

XCMG Official XCT12L3 Truck Crane for sale

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