XCMG Official XCT220 Truck Crane for sale

  • XCMG Official XCT220 Truck Crane for sale


XCMG Official XCT220 Truck Crane for sale

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XCMG Official XCT220 Truck Crane for sale
XCMG Official XCT220 Truck Crane for sale
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  • Summary
  • Specifications


  • Model Number:XCT220
  • Brand Name:XCMG
  • Place of Origin:China
  • Span:8.5m
  • Max. Lifting Height:99.6m
  • Max. Lifting Load:220t
  • Application:Construction Industry
  • Certification:ISO9001


  • Weight:55000.000kg
  • Condition:New
  • Moving Type:Wheel
  • Overall length:16721mm
  • Overall width:2990mm
  • Overall height:3930mm
  • Total weight in travel:55000kg
  • Engine Model:MC13.48-50
  • Engine rated power:356kW/1900rpm
  • Engine rated torque:2300Nm/1400rpm
  • Driving speed(km/h):1.2~85
  • Gradability:0.45
  • Min. turning diameter:26m
  • Min. ground clearance:300mm
  • Tires:12.00R24-20PR
  • Base boom:48.3m
  • Max. main boom:68.2m

XCMG Official XCT220 Truck Crane for sale

XCMG Official XCT220 Truck Crane for sale

XCMG Official XCT220 Truck Crane for sale


XCMG Official XCT220 Truck Crane for sale











12.00R24-20PR fortified










Technical specifications




Designed and manufactured by XCMG,with all covered walking surface, anti-torsion box structure and optimal load-bearing structure design, made of imported high strength steel.


Designed and manufactured by XCMG; Full-covered walking platform, made of high-strength steel.            


4 outriggers, K-shaped arrangement, lateral and vertical outrigger controlled by the hydraulic control. Both sides of the chassis equipped with electronic control console,the console installed with luminous level,lighting and speed buttons; outrigger cylinders equipped with one-way valve, and the vertical outrigger has two-way hydraulic lock.

Hydraulic system

Variable pump driven by chassis engine, used for hoisting, elevating, telescoping and slewing operation. Imported electro-hydraulic direction valve, matching perfectly stably.Air-cooled hydraulic oil cooler, which may effectively reduce the temperature of oil in the system, suction filter and return filter.


MC13.48-50,in-line six-cylinder water-cooled EFI diesel engine, manufactured by SINOTRUK.rated power 356kW/1900rpm.max. torque 2300Nm / 1400rpm,.the national V emission standards.Fuel tank capacity : 380L.

Operating mode

The electric-proportional pilot control and PLC integrated intelligent control technology are adopted in the system. A control network between superstructure and carrier are formed through electric brush, Main movements of the crane may be realized smoothly and flexibly after combined with normal electric system.

Hydraulic system

The pump group is connected to the PTO hole of the engine fbr controlling the movements of outriggers.

Main winch system

Hydraulic controlled speed regulation, with groove drum equipped, driven by hydraulic variable motor through planetary gear reducer,and with built-in constant closed brake and balance valve fitted. Imported wire rope and pouch socket makes reeving easy and fast. It has features of high speed with light load and low speed with heavy load.


Electric controlled transmission imported from ZF Germany, with automatic AT control, with 12 forward gears and 2 reverse gears available.


Mechanical transfer box is originally imported from KESSLER Germany, equipped with an emergency steering oil pump and PTO which can transfer power to superstructure.


High strength axle with reliable performance, manufactured by Xuzhou Meritor Axle, equipped with pneumatically controlled drum brake.


Leaf spring is adopted for all axles, providing good shock absorbing effect.


14 tires tire, 125 axles are equipped with single tire ,34 axles are equipped with double tire, manufactured by Double coin, large bearing capacity.Tire specifications: 12.00R24-20PR.


Service brake: double-circuit air pressure brake, acting on all wheels.Parking brake: spring energy brake, acting on wheels of 2-5 axles.Auxiliary brake: engine exhaust brake,engine brake in cylinder.


Technical specifications

Slewing system

3-row roller type external gearing slewing ring, slewing with mechanism. Symmetrically Hydraulic arranged motor double drives planetary gear reducer to drive, for 360°continuous rotation. Power control and free slewing function as well as step less speed regulation are available.

Boom system


6-section, U-shape cross section, welding structure. Single-cylinder pinning interlocked telescoping system. One double-acting cylinder with safe valve assemblies used fbr control of the telescoping movement of all booms, various telescoping pattern are available. Boom length: 14.4m68.2m.

Operator's cab

Sliding door, adjustable seat with 20° tilting are adopted. Safety glass and top protective rails, LMI, controller box, electric wind shield wipers, engine accelerator pedal, engine start switch and windshield visor, etc. are also available, heater and air conditioner are standard.

Single top

Installed at the boom top, used for single line operation. Its lifting performance is the same as that for boom, but the max. lifting load could not exceed 12.5t.

Safety devices

Hydraulic counterbalance valve, Hydraulic relief valve, Hydraulic double-way valve, LMI. lowering limiter avoids wire rope over-releasing, anti-two block at boom head avoids wire rope over-winding anemometer check whether aerial wind velocity is in safe working range. Winch monitor fbr real-time monitoring winch running.

Additional equipment

Auxiliary winch system

Hydraulic controlled speed regulation, with groove drum equipped, driven by hydraulic variable motor through planetary gear reducer, and with built-in constant closed brake and balance valve fitted.


DC 24 volts is in series with two 12-voltbattery packs.


Lattice welding structure, A boom extension of 8 m, a jib connecting bracket, a rotating bracket, two jib sections, jib inserts of 4 m and 8 m may be combined to extend the total boom length, with 0° ? 20° and 40° jib offset angles available. Jib length: 12 m44m.


160t hook block, the maximum parts of line are 15 and the hook dead weight is 2133kg, double hook.


Total weight is 77t.6 counterweight combinations of 12t, 22t, 32t, 42t, 52t and 77t are available.

Wireless control device

Used fbr remote operation of main and auxiliary movements, leading to improved convenience and safety of the operation.


OM460LA.E3B/3, in-line six-cylinder water-cooled EFI diesel engine, manufactured by Daimler, rated power 361.IkW /1800rpm, max, torque 2200Nm / 1300rpm, the national V emission standards.


The safety protection device isinstalled in operator's cab. When actualmoment approaches overload value, it may send out visual alarm, andautomatically stop dangerous movements before overloading.Overload memory function (black box)and fault self-diagnosis function areavailable.

Product parts details As mentioned above, please refer to the product quotation for specificparts.


XCMG Official XCT220 Truck Crane for saleXCMG Official XCT220 Truck Crane for sale

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